Woot Buster

Got the alert for the Woot Buster. Clicked and opened the app. Look at the t-shirt and pressed back to see other Woot Busters, but instead the app went to another item I looked at before the Buster alert. Now in can’t find the Woot Buster to see more… Bad Woot app behavior. Anyone else run onto this and have a workaround?


Thanks for the feedback! We added a spotlight to the front app banner to make it easier to find again.

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Well those shirts went quick - I went to add one more and poof - gone. FML

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Is this where we leave the complaints about missing the couple months ago woot? I’m not quite feeling the mobile site looking like the app.

edit: got the shirt coupon. thank you for that :slight_smile:

Old mobile site hid all the dailies so you had to click on 8 different categories to see the main deals. Let us know if you have anything you don’t like specifically and we can look into it.

I’ll give it an honest look.