Woot Call back ? [Resolved]

Tried using Woot’s call back feature for support, keyed in my number, phone does not ring, and after about 20 seconds message telling me my call has ended. Also no response to the email I sent. Guess Woot does not love me any more…

Isn’t it a holiday this weekend?

netMASA’s right, I think it only works on weekdays when there are staff available to answer the phone. You’d probably be better off emailing them.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

HI there. Sorry for the phone issues. It could be technical issues. Please reach out using the support form instead.

Will try again Tuesday… FYI I was trying Thursday, also sent email Thursday.

Make sure to check that spam/junk folder for replies. we end up there a lot. You should hear back within about 24 hours. maybe a bit longer given the holiday weekend.

Yup, I’ve fished woot message out of my junk folder on more than occasion. Actually I just realized I didn’t get an order ack message for the last couple of orders, and they were not in my Junk folder either…

Make sure your email address on your Woot! account is up-to-date. We don’t use your Amazon login if used/different.

You can reach out to customer service and ask them to use a different email.

Still no luck with the phone service…

There may be an issue I’m not aware of. My CS co-worker found your email and will be sending the return labels soon. They’ll come from UPS so watch for that.