Woot Cancelled order day before delivery

I placed an order for an Apple watch on Feb 21st. The business day before delivery was due, i contacted support because the order was still in preparing for shipping. Later in the day, i get a response that i should wait until the delivery date passes to contact them. About 4 hours later i get a message that my order was refunded… no explanation.

It should not be that the item is out of stock as it is still being sold on the woot website. I placed another order to try to get the watch, but now i have to wait another 2 weeks to see if my order gets delivered or cancelled.

This is the last chance that woot gets… it is ridiculous to cancel an order without reason after it should have shipped, if you are still selling the item.

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Hi there. I’m very sorry for the poor experience. I’m not sure why it’s still being shown for sale if yours was canceled. On or the other is in error. I’m asking.

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