Woot Cellars Adequate Gift 4 Pack + 3 Wine Bags

Woot Cellars Adequate Gift 4 Pack + 3 Wine Bags
$39.99 + $5 shipping
4 Woot Cellars Adequate Gift bottles
3 Wine.Woot Gift Bags
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I am sure there are some wondering if this is good. It was alright last winter but the bottle I opened in the early fall was fantastic. I would say its much better now than last year.

Highly recommended to purchase and not gift these bottles. You should drink this and gift all the other bottles you don’t want in the three free bags.

This wine is excellent. Clearly the best inverse ratio of label goofiness to wine quality on the market today.

I’m skeptical that these will actually arrive in time for Christmas. I’m on the East Coast and I don’t think I’ve ever had anything show up from Woot in less than 12 days! But I’ve never seen that symbol before - can anyone comment on how reliable it might be?

Who is the magical arctic elf?!?

Santa’s not an elf, right?!?..

Agreed, the only thing keeping me from going in for 3 is the shipping. I would need to have these pretty much by next Monday, it seems too short of a time for Woot.

we bought this last year and it was rather… umm bad. The only good part was the label

Too much heat? Too sweet? Not a fan of the grapes?

I have to agree. Only had one after it arrived, and it was bleh. Hopefully time in the bottle and cellar improve the juice…

D’oh! We just boxed up our wine for the move, and won’t be here or there for a few weeks… This would’ve been perfect if I knew where the jingle bells we’d be when it arrived…

So you would recommend letting it settle in for a few months?

pre-packed a bunch. and it’s really benefited from a year + in the bottle.


wine.woot you are killing me.

And the back label is Mad lib hilarious.

Sorry Woot, I didn’t order this for myself, but gifted it, so hope you can send them 4 gift bags :wink: If not oh well, something to laugh about.

I think, they should be able to deliver it by Christmas. Last year, I ordered something around this time and in spite of snow storms, they got it.

I’d be so in for this, if I could believe for a second that I would get it by Christmas,

But since I’m still waiting on the olives I ordered on December 1st, and they have not shipped yet, I’d be surprised if I saw this before next year.

It’s probably not necessary to age this wine, as the Adequate Gift has now has had a year of bottle age to knit together. That’s what cortot and others (wd included) have noticed. It won’t need great ageing, but most half decent red needs time after inception to learn how to walk, say a few words and get basic potty training.

Mind you, leave it a few more months or a year and it might pick up a foreign language and a musical instrument.

Inverse ratio? So as goofiness increases quality decreases? Are you saying the label is goofy and the wine is bad, or the label isn’t goofy and the wine is good?