Woot Cellars Albino Rhino - 4 Pack

Auto-buy for me… in for 2!

Woot Cellars Albino Rhino - 4 Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 4 Woot Cellars Albino Rhino
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Previous offer:

Ahhhh!!! Anyone else having ordering issues in addition to the huge server outage?

EDIT: Nevermind, I just ordered two. Unfortunately I didn’t get first Woot. sigh

I’m in for one. I’ve been enjoying the Albino Rhino I have. Everyone else seems to enjoy it too. Third woot in the last week…certainly a personal record.

Also try this:

not really sure how this fits into gift week…

Balsamic anyone?

You (and several others) have been begging for this to come back during the woot-off. Sell me on it.

Nice Lab Rat Report

Well, I just loved this the last time I bought it so I’m in for three.

I literally am scared to miss the next wine.woot pop every noon and midnight for fear that I’ll miss the balsamic… haha

Although… for anyone interested, I went to the website of the manufacturer of it… and you can get a gift set there that has the olive oil offered 2 nights ago, and the balsamic… for 90… only $10 diff from here at woot.

At $10/bottle (if you buy 8 like me), I feel like I stealing this juice from W.W.

Look at the Cellar Tracker Tasting notes (Cesare’s links above)… not one score below 83, and there are 48 notes on it. Average score is ~88. I know scores may not mean much, but when you have 48 people scoring it, you know that the score is reflective of the true taste of the wine.

If you like a lot of acidic foods (Chicken Francaise, Fried Shrimp with Lemon, etc.), this pairs extremely well. You can also casually sip this.

My mom has stolen about 5 of the bottles I’ve purchased so far and she is a VERY picky drinker, only like dry white wines.

Me want vinegar… must have vinegar… please give old musty wine vinegar… please give a sour liquid consisting of dilute and impure acetic acid, obtained by acetous fermentation from wine: used as a condimenti… please… prego…

I have a question: I noticed on most Woot Cellar wines, they work with a winery to get grapes, bottle, etc. their wine. ('Twas was handled by Lucas & Lewellen, D’ONTSPILLE LE BLACK was a Wellington offer, etc.)

Albino Rhino doesn’t appear to have a “mystery wine maker.” Any reason why?

The Lucas & Lewellen Story

Does Woot ever give a heads up when a Woot Cellars wine is making its last woot appearance due to a sell off? Just considering holding off on this one until sometime closer to next spring due to lack of space and lack of interest in whites in the winter.

That is whom made ‘TWAS, A Right Jolly Old Red Wine

No they don’t. This would be the third time they offered the Rhino in a regular Wine.Woot offer (non-woot off).

If I were you, I wouldn’t chance it. Besides, pair up some foods with it and make yourself drink it now!

Matt Cline from Three Wine Company is the man to thank for Albino Rhino. Look at this post from Joatmon for a list of all Woot Cellars wines and the wineries responsible for them.

Oh, and by the way, I have been to L&L in Buellton, CA and it’s like a friggin’ factory with security guard shacks and employee parking lots and loading docks for “produce arrivals”… blah, blah, blah… It’s no wonder wine.woot! can get a “label”… primarily second rate…