Woot Cellars Albino Rhino - 6 Pack with Shirt

Peril by the barrel?


damn you woot! i don’t have room for any more wine… in for 1.

This looks like a really interesting wine. I’m apprehensive about going all in on 6 bottles I’ve never had before, but the shirt could be nice :wink:

Is this any good? I see it’s from Spain…Complete wine nøøb here, never even heard of Albariño.

I believe that I saw this requested more than once during the woot-off. Now’s your chance folks. My Wife really enjoyed it on round 1.

Here’s linkage to last time this was offered in mid June, I believe this includes Rat reports as well. [link]http://wine.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?PostID=3981845[/link]

Oh yeah, and… never had Albariño, can anyone tell me about it?

Did anyone purchase this back in June…and have some comments on it?

Wow another brilliant move…a tee shirt with a bottle of wine! I do have to get a second job.


Eh. Got this last time up, and honestly it’s just OK. Tastes like a lot like Pinot grigio, if that helps. Doesn’t have the great nose of Muscato, definitely not as sweet as pure Reisling, but in the same vein.

How’s the shipping work on these. Will they deliver on a day that I’m actually home or do I have to set it up with them somehow?

You got your shirt.woot in my wine.woot! YOU got YOUR wine.woot in my shirt.woot!

Holy shirt, this is a great offer.

I would be in for one if there wasnt 4 bottles of this on the rack still from the june offer… hmmm anyone want to split the deal? I get the shirt and a bottle and you can have the rest??

it was good, not great. pass on another 6. who needs a t-shirt with that logo either.

Nice - thanks so much for this!

I couldnt disagree more! I found it to be bigger, greener, and have higher acid than PG. And I found it absolutely, 100% dry. Not even a hint of sweetness. Under ripe pineapple, green grad skins, etc.

My Family and I liked it. Its a smooth wine with a good taste during and after. I am by no means a connoisseur of wine but i really enloyed it. Would i be able to tell you what all you can taste? No i cannot, What i can tell you is my Mom who typically dislikes all wine really liked this one.

Fedex will wait around the corner from your home, and then as soon as you leave they will make a mad dash for your door and leave a missed delivery notification. You will return to your home shake your fist at the sky and curse Fedex for their craftiness!

Or they will attempt to deliver it three times and then return it to sender. Unless you arrange a pick-up at their facility. If your work allows personal deliveries then that is your best option.

I totally missed this first time around. I was ‘forced’ to be sailing in the Florida Keys with a large group of boy scouts. Tough duty (no wine!), but I survived.

The SO will like this one. I buy too much red, and she drinks only white. It should be here just in time when my WineMate cellar chiller is fixed. My wine room has been about 10 degrees too warm for the last few weeks. Good thing the woot-off wine isn’t here yet.

I think an Albino Rhino poster would be much cooler than a shirt.