Woot Cellars Bonus Level (5) w/T-Shirt

Woot Cellars Bonus Level 5-Pack with Wine.Woot 10th Anniversary T-Shirt
Sold by: Pedroncelli Winery
Bonus Level! Woot Cellars 2014 Petite Sirah, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County

Stoked for this, but where’s the Men’s Small size tshirt??

Edit: Will the men’s small size be added? Definitely want to pull the trigger, but want to see if we can get some smalls added first! Thanks and congrats wine.woot! Long time customer (buy with another account). Very excited for this wine.

Cmon debaters dont let me down here!

I too would like a size small if at all possible.

And happy anniversary to Wine Woot! Many thanks to WD and to everyone else at Wine Woot that work behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. May it remain that way for many more years to come.

Is it wrong that I bought this, then came back to see what it was that I bought?

Sparky will have better notes here, but this made an appearance sry last night’s thanksgiving dinner. It was later in the evening, after stomachs were full.

I was quite impressed with the aroma given that this wine is so young. Lots of cherry and spicy herbs. The palate repeated some of the same, but with the addition of massive amounts of tannin. I took one sip and immediately went for the Vinturi. A few passes through certainly helped bring it into better balance. I’d give this at least a couple years in bottle and/or a long decant.

Opinions around the table varied. Some felt the tannin was overwhelming while others bothered by it. Everybody seemed to enjoy all the other aspects of the wine.

One missed opportunity, though…this would have been perfect for molarchae’s Woot Cellars wine name idea: “O Tannin Bomb”.

Hello Wooters! 10 years??? I can remember the first wine.woot. We used to stay up all night and track sales. I personally packaged many of the shipments the first year. Many thing have changed over the years, but it is still amazing to me that an entire community was built over a mutual fondness for wine, cheap shipping and The Princess Bride. Thanks for everything. I’m still working on winedavid’s grammar.


Oh, what a pleasure! An unexpected and unknown bottle of wine was dropped off in my little mountain town by a FedEx man who asked me if I’d tried a newly opened, local wine tasting room. We chatted about grapes for a few minutes, and i told him about wine.woot. A chance encounter, but I’m pretty certain that my future shipments will receive appropriate respect - at least for the last few miles.

Upon opening it, I was pleased to see that it was a Woot Cellers Petit Sirah. I was more pleased to see that it was sourced from Pedroncelli.

Petit Sirahs benefit from age, and Pedroncelli recommends giving their wines some time.

And so I decided to cellar it for a spell - please check back here in two years.

And thank you for being awesome! You are also one of the reasons this community is so excellent!

Do you still use the wine racks you made? That was great tutorial

No NH shipping…you guys are killing me…for a Woot PS…and it’s a nerdy bottle :frowning:

Pedroncelli ships to Ohio, the list is wrong please fix it ASAP, leaving for honeymoon in a few hours!!!


Okay, I couldn’t wait.

I gave the bottle a day and then did a PnP. Mild color blindness keeps me from giving an accurate color rating, but I did think of Smoke on the Water. Allergies kept me from catching much other than a spiciness in the aroma. Perhaps a bit of dark berry or plum, but the tannins sucked my lips into the glass.

I decanted it and decided to give it a couple of hours, but I got restless after one and opted do match the tannins against my Creole/Italian fusion dish of grillades over rigatoni. They were made for each other, with a Dam’ Good Roux taming the Sarah’s attack and the wine complementing the beef.

A second glass an hour or so on showed the tannins easing, but still prominent.

I saved half the bottle for the next day. The pucker factor had evolved into a light, pleasant tightening around the tongue. More floral amd less spice to the nose, but a bit of spice to the taste. It evolved from a challenge to very drinkable. I do think the wine needs a bit of cellar time.

At the price, I’m tempted - unfortunately, my t-shirt drawer is overstocked with reds.

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Congrats wine.woot! What a long, great trip its been.

Shirt question: American Apparel or Standard?

Wine question: Drinking window? Are there any other varietals blended in?

The bottle said nothing (iirc) about blending.

As for the drinking window, I’d probably think of opening the first one in 2-3 years.


First, I’d like to thank the Academy … oops, wrong acceptance speech!

I’d like to thank Woot for honoring the PSith Master’s (Loweeel, aka PetiteSirah) last remaining (on the WW boards, that is) PSith Apprentice with this 10th Anniversary wine, especially one made by a long standing partner like Pedroncelli. The PSith Master loved face-smashing tannins, and boy, does this deliver!

Side note: As klezman already noted, this really, really, really would have been better named ‘O TanninBomb’ for a Holiday release!

As usual with Woot Cellars red wines, this will benefit with more time in the bottle. And given that this is a PS, add more time! This is not your Mom’s pop 'n pour wine!

I was graciously invited to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving (yes, that’s a thing!) with klezman and his lovely SWMBO, molarchae last night, and after enjoying a lovely dinner (which included a magnum of Wellington Victory!), I opened this Golden Ticket beast.

Lovely aromas coming from the glass of the usual PS suspects (blueberry, cherry, etc.), as well as a lovely deep, rich red color. AND BOOM … face-smashing tannins!

Sadly, I didn’t bring a decanter, but klez whipped out his … Vinturi. (You thought it was going to be something else, didn’t you? You dirty minded 50 Shades of Grey reader!)

After many passes, this still had a lot of tannins. The finish was very good, but it needs more time in the bottle. This one should age well.

Drinking more tonight, after recorking the bottle (no Argon added, nor putting it into a smaller bottle, remainder is about one third full) last night.

Very tasty tonight, but still a lot of tannins. This would work well with steak, bbq, roasts, etc. after a long decant.

So to recap:

  1. Cellar this for at least a year, more likely 2 (or longer). Otherwise, decant for at least 6 hours, possibly longer, at cellar temp (55° to 60°).

  2. If you insist on drinking sooner: decant, decant, decant! It’s drinking well tonight, 24 hours after opening! But still a lot of tannins.

  3. This is a more typical PS, so keeping it longer will not hurt it! It will go well with meat.

  4. This really should have been called **O Tannin Bomb **!

In for 3!

Edit: Well, 2 plus another. Pain to have to split the order to order a different size shirt! Just glad I didn’t have to split it 3-ways!

No. Of course not! Still, I blame you! :tongue:


And wasn’t it his spelling? We could always tell when he was using your id! :wink:

Edit: As well as rooms and rooms filled with decanters!

I fixed your link, and your spelling of Petite Sirah. :wink:

You had an extra slash / in it: Smoke on the Water

You can also use [youtube=zUwEIt9ez7M][/youtube]
to show the video.

But red shirts hide wine stains so well! :wink:

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