Woot Cellars Bonus Level (5) with Corkscrew

Woot Cellars Bonus Level (5) with Corkscrew
Sold by: Pedroncelli Winery
2014 Bonus Level! Woot Cellars 2014 Petite Sirah, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County

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I haven’t tried this yet. Anyone tried the cork screw?

Noooo! This is just not fair! Please, after this one, no more irresistible offers. In for two, darn it!

Woot you’re killing me. Too many good deals in a row! But I can’t let this one go by! In for one!

From Pedroncelli? yea…In for 2 or 3…Of course was just in on Wellington yesterday. Christmas…the time to buy wine I guess.

Just what I need, another corkscrew.

Who sells 5 bottles a day not 6? The corkscrew actually makes me not want to buy.

Ha! Yes! A comment on the corkscrew. I ordered the set of 6 for $10 or whatever it was earlier in the year. I assume this is a leftover from that deal. Of the 6 I got, three are the same style and are defective. The 1st step notch on the lever that you place on the rim of the bottle for the initial 1/2 pull is not deep enough, so it doesn’t hold, it just slips off. You basically have a corkscrew you have to pull out completely manually. I’m not complaining about that deal, as I got 3 really nice corkscrews that did work, 2 of which have beautiful wooden handles, but just a warning to order this for the delicious wine and not the potentially worthless corkscrew.

You’re killin’ me, Woot. I mean…I’m a ghost - already dead - and still, you’re killin’ me.

So I just ordered two sets. Does that mean I get two lame corkscrews with the order? Just wondering.

Two corkscrews, yes. Lame, you’ll have to wait and see.

So why is it that I can buy wine direct from either Amazon or Pedroncelli, but this offer is off the table for me.

Yes, and ready for a cork screw fight!

Our legal department is extremely cautious when it comes to state shipping laws. Sorry. Shipping states will vary from sale to sale though!

I bought a case last time and have given away 4 of the 5 because people like the label… but I haven’t tried it. How is the wine?!

Quite young and need of a long decant if consumed near-term. Hey, it’s a PS.

As well, Pedroncelli wines in general have been known to show significant improvement over time. The Boss Monster comes to mind. Finally in a nice spot.

That’s often been true of Woot Cellars reds, irrespective of the winery.

It’s a triple-whammy. Let it sleep a while.

You used to ship to New Mexico, but now I no longer see NM in the state list. Shipping rules here have been simplified greatly. Please recheck. I would love to have some of this PS.