Woot Cellars Buzz Brü Coffee

Woot Cellars Buzz Brü Coffee

Bag of Coffee… is this really a BOC?


It is a bag of yummy coffee. So I’ve read from wooters. I don’t drink coffee.

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Nobody’s perfect.


Which is what we say about people who DO drink coffee. :wink:

I swear my heart starts pounding faster when I catch a glimpse of this one out of the corner of my eye. And then focus and realize is has the wrong stuff inside. Mutter an expletive-deleted and go back to checking other places.

Enough with the coffee, next!

Get everybody you know to buy 10 of this, and the item will sell out.

Time to replace this with some tea for us non coffee folks.

This costs a bit more per pound than fresh roasted Ethiopian Sidamo from my local roaster - I thought these were supposed to be deals??