Woot Cellars Buzz Brü Whole Bean Coffee

Woot Cellars Buzz Brü Whole Bean Coffee

I thought this was a Bag Of Carrots at first

Turns out to be a Bag Of Coffee


Anyone know if the bag has a degassing valve?

My guess is this is a Whole Foods coffee rebranded with the Woot! cellars logo. If I’m right, which one is it Woot? I know you won’t tell us and I have absolutely no trust in Woot! anymore anyway. Just wanted to write in and let you know you may be fooling some people some of the time. What’s sad is I’m sure not every Woot! sale is BS but enough are and have been in the past to make me doubtful every time. I’ve been around Woot! for as looong time and Amazon Prime member for a looong time too. I guess that may be why your marketing ploys continue to work.
Marketing under a false pretense is disgusting! And, $14.00lb may not be a good price if this is a bean sold elsewhere for less.

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Looking closely at the picture of the bag, I see the two small holes that would indicate a valve.

Well, that was a lot of blathering over nothing. You really think we went to Whole Foods, bought some coffee, and slapped a label on it?

If you look on the specs tab, it says: Roasted & Packaged by Smokin’ Aces Coffee Co.

We have often teamed with small companies for custom blends (e.g. coffee, wine, etc.).

Read and enjoy: https://smokinacescoffee.com/

I’ll just be waiting over here for your apology.


Smokin Aces stuff looks decent. About $15/12oz on their site, so this looks like a pretty good deal…would run $40 for a couple pounds there. I’m in!

Sorry…Now your turn. This was fun and I feel better. So, thanks, and sorry all in one.

And, yes. I do think this is something Woot! would do. Like I said, no trust. I, and others, have been scammed before by Woot! I’m sure my mostly unfounded feelings of mistrust is limited and centered on old thoughts of the awesome Woot! before the sell out. My comment was more designed to generate a response. For sure, nothing personal Ms. TT. I doubt you have anything to do with the construct of Woot!'s new philosophy; unless you do. In that case, apology retracted.

Is this a medium, or medium/dark roast? The tasting notes are exactly what I usually search for.

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Assuming the “Natural” process in the description means dry-processed, which I generally don’t like.

If you are fan of typical Central American, Kona, or Jamaica Blue Mountain type coffees, you may find this quite different.

I dunno about the coffee but my butt has a “degassing valve”

Ba Dumb… Ching

PS… I’m the unofficial king of bad dad jokes


Are we not doing beta tasters anymore? Would be useful here.

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I bought the last coffee Woot offered (Squid Ink) and it was good but IMO not worth the $27.99 price.
I like good coffee but I’ll prolly pass on this.

@Accelerator would probably be horrified to learn that Genuine Origin sells Salmo Plus GREEN coffee for $2.50/lb. Too good to be true? Maybe … their minimum order is 65lbs/$162.50 + shipping (~$10) and it’s green coffee meaning you’ll want to roast it before consuming it in typical ways. Apparently, some folks use green coffee directly too.