Woot Cellars Consumerus Wine and Wine Accessories

Woot Cellars Consumerus Holiday Red Wine with Metrokane Wine Accessory Gift Pack
Sold by: Castoro Cellars
3 - 2013 Woot Cellars Consumerus Holiday Red Wine, Paso Robles
3 - Metrokane Wine & Stuff Wine Accessory

Previous offer:

It currently says the vintage is 2014, but isn’t the vintage 2013?

I don’t know what you’re talking about. :tongue:

No ship to Missouri

Will this arrive before Christmas?

I’m checking on the state list. There may be some corrections.

UPDATE: State list updated. Ship to states are: CA;CO;DC;FL;GA;IA;ID;IL;KS;LA;MA;MD;MI;MN;MO;MT;NC;NH;NM;NV;NY;OR;SC;TN;TX;VT;WA;WI;WY

Yes, it will arrive by Christmas.

The accessories are a nice touch as I often gift anyway, I just hope the corkscrew works better than it looks in the picture.
…And another instance where I can be thankful my parents still live in another state that gets all the wine. (No CT yet again!)

Received the half case last week. It was a decent QPR at $10. You’ll be adding $5 here per bottle for the goodies. It should make a fine gift offering. It’s a solid dry red blend. I’m guessing merlot/cab/and maybe syrah or malbec? Wish I had made notes.

Double action/lever corkscrews the only thing I use anymore. Here’s another look at the corkscrew:

Looks like Metrokane retailed the corkscrew for $15, the stopper for $7 and the pourer for $5.

Don’t know a thing about the wine but if it’s ok at $15 agreed a nice gift for a non-geek.

How 'bout just making the wine available without the cheap accessories? The people I’d give the wine to all have much better accessories and so it makes the gift seem really cheap. I could easily buy at least 6 bottles.

I guess you missed it last month, when you could have ordered 6 bottles for $59.99. :frowning:

I imagine most wine snobs would file a $10 red blend in the “cheap” column. Maybe dress it up by calling it a “table” wine instead.

Sad, no love for OH. Definitely a nice gift for your non-wine geek friends.

Yea, this is a pretty cool, ready to go gift. good wine too.

it will definitely get there prior to Christmas.

Totally agree with Chipgreen’s comment! Additionally, How can someone get shipped a bottle to provide a tasting report, yet not be able to order it because his state isn’t on the ship list? I keep seeing offers come up with states left off the initial state shipping lists. Hopefully, some preplanning goes into the postings. If other wooters are like me, they go in very early or mid-morning to check the offer. If my state isn’t listed, I get on with other priorities. If TT graciously updates the list later in the day, we miss offers and WW misses sales. I’ve been in QA managerial positions for 53 years until I retired last year. The problems of ongoing inaccurate listings and Amazon checkout issues in MS IE is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE! I’ve been buying from this site since 2005 & 2006 with my two WW accounts. It was a sad day when Amazon bought the site, but some of us stuck it out. Based on my wine storage database, I’ve spent at least $26K during that 10 year time. Now that I’m well stocked for retirement, it’s time to move on from WW. AND…my wife will be sooo happy!! It was a great ride while things were going in the right direction and I met some great WOOTERS!!! Going into LM (Lurking Mode) once the final orders arrive…

I’m really sorry about the late inclusions in the state lists. We try to make them as accurate as possible in advance, but sometimes wineries send in their permits late, or even after the sale has launched. I assure you, we are not doing it intentionally or with any malice. We would love it if everyone could purchase all the wines.

I just ordered for XMAS gift and the order says Estimated delivery date: Thursday, December 29, 2016… and I live 3 hours away!!! :frowning:

And LUCKY for you New Years Eve is only 3 days away from that!!!

It clearly state “Estimated delivery Dec 22 - Dec 29” SO NO wine’ing