Woot Cellars + Corkscrew

SURPRISE! Late Plus Sale addition.

PHAT goose is yummy

I’m sure that the FBomb was good and not too surprised that the retail price might go up as the availability goes down…

But $1019 for a 6 pack!?!

I think it’s now a running joke. One of the earlier sales had this same typo and some people lost their minds.

Been wanting to try Phat Goose. Depending on if anything worthwhile gets offered tonight, in for one…

Woot Cellars + Corkscrew

Woot Cellars 2010 Pour Pour Me Fruit Bomber 4-Pack with Corkscrew
2010 Woot Cellars Pour Pour Me Fruit Bomber
Chateau Epernay Handmade Bamboo & Stainless Steel Corkscrew

Woot Cellars Quaffmor 2010 Sauvignon Blanc 5-Pack with Corkscrew
2010 Woot Cellars Quaffmor Sauvignon Blanc
Chateau Epernay Handmade Bamboo & Stainless Steel Corkscrew

Woot Cellars F-Bomb 2012 Riesling Blend 6-Pack with Corkscrew
2012 Woot Cellars F-Bomb 2012 Riesling Blend
Chateau Epernay Handmade Bamboo & Stainless Steel Corkscrew

Woot Cellars Phat Goose 6-Pack with Corkscrew
2011 Woot Cellars Phat Goose Red Blend, Central Coast
Chateau Epernay Handmade Bamboo & Stainless Steel Corkscrew

Stocked on Phat Goose and Fruit Bomber already… worth it if you do not have any yet (or drank them all). The phat goose is drinking better now than when first released.

Speaking of Woot Cellars… I hope we see a new Woot Cellars red released next week! It is after all the first full week of October which has been the main release week for WC reds for years… except last year. :frowning:

Pretty please?

But…but…I’ve had F-Bomber shipped to my home in Louisiana in the past, what gives? I’m so SO SO sad :frowning:

+1 on shipping - was there some big change in online shipping laws that I am not aware of that just happened? I just bought the case of Phat Goose w/ the T shirt and it went to NH just fine - now the list has shrunk to a piddly 10-15 states??? Was this broad-sweeping legislation that forced this change or as Woot simply decided that they don’t want to pay certain states’ fees?

Awww @#$*& never mind, think I just found the answer myself:


Does anyone else read this as the government shutdown throwing a huge wrench into wineries shipping to states where they need to access specific web-sites to process the permits to do so?

Boo, hiss! Let’s hope this shut down ends soon for the sake of Woot and all the other wineries with big online sales footprints out there…

SERIOUSLY!? That’s the reason?

You have got to be kidding me. Terrific.

This started in August for NYS, and soon spread to several other states, so no, not related to the federal shutdown. There’s a discussion about it under the “world of ww” tab – though the title addresses NY, it’s about the clampdown generally.

Speaking of clampdowns, ETA that I still love The Clash.[youtube=psB0cidB5bg][/youtube]

I’m all lost in the wine woot market
I can no longer shop happily


I was all excited about catching some of these I missed or couldn’t purchase the first time around…but none of the ones I want ship to Ohio. What a waste.

Really enjoying the Phat Goose. Glad I got in on the $100 case deal. Gotta say these are the most difficult bottles to uncork I’ve ever seen.

but visions of Gus etched into my retinas makes it even more difficult to ~want~ to uncork.
Now if we could we get Eevie to do a video promo…

I had just about gotten that vision out if my mind enough to open one and try it for the first time… You had to go there… Just as well, should probably let them sit for a few weeks after what seemed like a month of shipping.

Think about the poor wooter that got those grapes in his BOC.