Woot Cellars D’ONTSPILLE LE BLACK 2009 Pinot Noir - 5 Pack

Woot Cellars D’ONTSPILLE LE BLACK 2009 Pinot Noir - 5 Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
5 Woot Cellars D’ONTSPILLE LE BLACK 2009 Pinot Noir

CT link above.

…and auto-in-for-two.

Is this the Woot Mystery wine we had at the Scott Harvey Grape Stomp?

Because if so, YUMMY!!! One of the few PN’s I really like. And made by Peter (or Kent), which explains why I like it. :slight_smile:

Edit: YES!! :happy:

Woot Cellars D’ONTSPILLE LE BLACK 2009 Pinot Noir - 5 Pack
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Or at least until the Time Machine kicks in …

Just after I swore I would not buy any more PN.

And it’s from Peter.

Damn is right!

Anyway, I’ll at least restrain myself until some labrats and/or labrous have spoken.

I’m confused. How is it a mystery if it’s Wellington?

So we are supposed to make this the one exception to the “don’t buy Pinot Noir for under $20 a bottle” rule?

What rule is that? i’ve had lots of fantastic Pinot’s ~$10-12/bottle


is one of my recent favorites.


I got the email this AM about being a Labrat and immediately had that feeling of excitement, followed by that “oh crap” feeling - my wife was going to be gone all day so no one was going to be home to receive the Fed Ex package. A quick hit to the Fed Ex website and a re-route to the local Fed Ex / Kinko’s store for later pickup fixed that issue.

Before I go any further - a quick note about my wine reviewing resume. I enjoy wine, and have for years. We are pretty heavy consumers of wine, with a modest collection of wines in the 130+ bottle range at this time. We drink what we like and buy what we drink based on the advice of good friends and a lot of trial. I’m no expert. I don’t know much about pH levels and the chemistry behind the making of a good wine. I’ve always been more of the “bull in the china shop” type of wine consumer. I buy 2 bottles of something interesting or recommended or unique, try one, and if it’s good, I have a backup for the next time. If it sucks, I have a 2nd bottle for the next dinner party at the nosy neighbor’s house…if you are looking for the Saveur style of wine reviews from this Labrat, you may want to skip down to the next posting. If you’re looking for the everyday vino swiller’s review, I hope I’m up to the task.

So I got home and immediately opened the box and saw what I was getting into. D’ontspille Le Black 2009 Pinot Noir from Woot Cellars. Cool front label image, funny writeup on back. I’ve purchased a few wines from the Woot Cellars Label and have yet to be disappointed (Toothstejnn the Red Sangiovese remains a fond memory), but to be honest with you, my heart sank a bit when I saw that this was a Noir. I drink reds in pretty much all forms and fashions, but not so much of Pinot Noirs. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the Noirs, so much as they fall down the list as I make my shopping purchases at my local wine stores. Maybe I’ve not had the right ones. Maybe I have a mental block against them from family battles at the Thanksgiving table, I don’t know. But I don’t have a large sample size in my arsenal from which to draw comparisons from, so reader be warned.

I opened the bottle and poured a tasting pour into a nice thin-walled stem. I have to admit, I was pretty stoked to try the wine. My wife had some baked herbed chicken in the oven with some biscuits and baked new Yukon potatoes and broccoli, so a reasonable match for Le Black to contend with. My first taste was very pleasant, if a bit hot. I’m not going to try and pretend to be a professional taster, but what I immediately noticed was an Old-world earthiness that I enjoyed. But it needed a little chillin’. Don’t hate me for putting it in the refrigerator for 10 minutes, folks. Additional sips exposed a muted but noticeable amount of fruit, without the typical abundance of that thin, grape-skinny feel that I always associate Pinot Noirs with. An enjoyable sipper by itself. I poured a taste for my wife, but only after telling her the harsh responsibility that I’d inherited, this Labrat pressure, and therefore that she wasn’t going to be allowed to have much of this bottle. She rolled her eyes in perfect “whatever…” fashion and took her first taste. She set her glass down, and as she was taking the chicken out of the oven, commented in similar fashion about the wine’s immediate sense of quaffability. And then insisted I pour her a real glass instead of the puny sample I had originally granted. Women…

The wine didn’t wither away when matched up with the dinner table. The herbs of the chicken seemed to pull a more mineral-ish nature from the wine. It found a way to work with the food on the table, as good Pinot Noirs are supposed to do, I guess. My wife and I both commented on its drinkable nature. I noticed a lingering licorice finish as I finished my second glass, long after the dinner table was cleared and I started to gather my thoughts on what I would put in this post. My wife tossed out the “silky” adjective, but that may be a bit overzealous in my mind. But we both voted with our empty glasses. 2 votes for “wish it were a magnum” here…I could enjoy another glass.

So, the summary from this novice wine reviewer:
What I taste - Minerals, Earth, Muted fruit - perhaps cherry? Warm, smooth finish; Moderate grape skin, licorice and faint herbal lingering well after.

The final result: Are we Converts to Pinot Noirs? Probably not completely yet. But this is a very decent, very enjoyable wine, and perhaps was a good refresher to me to have a more open mind on the Pinot Noirs in general. I will be curious to see the configuration and price that the Woot gods put on this wine. By the time you read this, that will already be known. If it is at a compelling price and not too many bottles in the configuration, it would be a reasonable assumption that we’d be back for more.
Thanks, and enjoy.

If this is the “2009 Mystery Wine” we were honored with sampling at NoVa/DC #19, then first of all, congratulations to iByron for absolutely nailing it as a Sonoma Pinot.

Second, here are my notes:

Others have posted their thoughts in that thread as well.

I suspect I’ll hem and haw about this for a bit, and then go in for one set just because it’s Woot Cellars. It might take me a while to work my way through it, though. It just doesn’t live up to the Rhino or Boss Monster quality-wise. Sorry. :frowning:

I did…

I have three problems.

(1) This is my third purchase this month.
(2) I love Pinot.
(3) Woot Cellers = Auto Buy.

Stop the madness!

Its great, this is like one year to the day since my first purchase and Boss Monster.

WineDavid sends out Woot Mystery Wines to the Wine.Woot gatherings, and gets our responses to it.

Same was done with Tøøthstejnn and EHP.

I have spoken; listen to the (not very eloquent) vintner voice mail :slight_smile:

I’m a rat! I’ll report tomorrow evening. I’ll be sharing with woot friends that are big pinot noir drinkers.

I thought it was a mystery until about 2 PM today. Blame it on the corporate legal staff - they’re no fun at all.

Also, I love Wellington as much as everyone else around this parts, but I don’t think he’s ever made a Pinot Noir before, has he? There’s not one on the winery website or CT.

It’s sort of a finicky grape to mass-produce such a first effort, isn’t it? But then, if anyone can, then it’s Peter.

Boss Monster @ release or Boss Monster now?

If this is anything like every red woot wine in the past, have a bottle when it comes in to satisfy your curiosity, then forget about it in the cellar for a year.

I was just thinking of buying this, but then you related it to the port in the InZin which I really, really didn’t like. Hmmm…

Thanks for the warning.

But does Woot usually tell you the winemaker when the offering is posted? I don’t recall them doing that before. I thought it was more of a guessing game.

Cellar’s full, but it’s Woot Cellars, so how could I say no? So I will make the noble sacrifice and commit myself to consuming a half dozen bottles of wine this weekend. This is a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

I know, it’s not easy being me.