Woot Cellars D’ONTSPILLE LE BLACK 2009 Pinot Noir - 5 Pack

I guess I left off one stat that sometimes slips my mind: residual sugar for this wine is less than 0.1% (totally dry). Whatever sweet sensation you get would be from alcohol and oak.

@Frankster14: Thanks for the labrat report (sort of, so much for paring down the cellar).

The Woot wines are always fun & popular when I bring them to events (after spending a year in the cellar).

Does anyone know much about the 2009 harvest for this stuff? We haven’t had anything at all from 2009. We did just drink a wonderful 2008 Foxen PN. No sign of smoke taint, btw.

Well, that does sound interesting. Going in for one probably can’t hurt.

The Monster now, if anything. I wasn’t around for the release, but have tasted a few recently procured at the time by a casual Wooter friend of mine (and have actually ended up trading them half my Pedroncelli Zins for other stuff, since it’s so much like the Monster).

But my “complaint,” if it is so much of one, is more about simply production quality. Either there’s a little too much RS here, the juice was slightly sub-par, or something else, but it just didn’t really hit me well. It’s entirely possible that it’ll even out in a year or two or three, though. And of course that’s simply my personal preference - again, I have a powerful aversion to noticeably off-dry wines (which is particularly odd given my affinity for dessert wines, both red and white), more than almost any other wine nerd I’ve ever met. The tinge of sweetness or cloying sensation I got is not at all overwhelming, and it’s entirely possible that (like with the 2007 InZin) most buyers will love the stuff and won’t even notice it.

I can’t take all the blame or credit. My associate winemaker, David Noyes, is a Pinot Noir specialist, and he had a big hand in making this wine. I have made Pinot for other people, but never have bottled one under our own label. As mentioned in the vintner voice mail, this was custom crushed for a grower (from whom we buy Chardonnay) who didn’t have a home for his grapes. He did find a home this year, so this is just a one time deal.

Fun to see an ingredient list for wine. Is that a first for w.w?

As mentioned, actually no residual sugar in this wine.

Hmmm…interesting. It certainly hit me like RS, and I wasn’t the only one who perceived it that way. But then, we were about halfway into the tasting. :tongue:

It’s entirely possible it needs a few more months in bottle to settle down, or even just a rest after shipping (ours was overnighted the day before).

So what exactly happens if we spill the D’ontspille?

I don’t think this is a ten-year type of Pinot Noir, but it should improve quite a bit with more time in bottle. It was botlled only two months ago, so it’s a baby.

Is anyone else taken to the login page when clicking the “I want one” button, despite being logged in? It only did this to me in Firefox.

Edit: All good now.

Can you say how many cases were made? Or is that not disclosed for the Woot label?

Agreed. But in my case, I just wait a year, period, forget the curiosity bottle. Cuz I know it will be so much better then, and it will keep getting better for a longer drinking window than everyone thinks.

(after all, this is a 2009, right?)

I nominate this as best post for this offering. Twice, because my girlfriend seconds that. We can help if you live near Boulder, Colorado.

I’ve noticed more frequent questions about micro-ox, mega purple, de-alcing, gum arabic, etc. on these boards recently. I just wanted to point out that this wine isn’t "spoofulated’.

Aye, I suppose I should start listening to those. Again, not doubting your (or David’s) qualifications at all; just noting the fact.

I suppose I’m a bit compelled to go in for one now, just to check my initial impressions. Good salesmanship there. :tongue:

Not to worry too much. I think it would have been a better name for a Petite sirah or an Alicante Bouschet.

I could do that, but it would be wrong.

Agreed - the $17 2008 Kent Rasmussen Esoterica is one of the best domestic PN’s I’ve had at any price point (in my limited experience, of course).