Woot Cellars Fruit Bomber (4)

Woot Cellars 2010 Pour Pour Me Fruit Bomber 4-Pack
2010 Pour Pour Me Fruit Bomber
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[] Summer shipping is in effect so don’t worry about your wine.
] Every winery needs a separate license from each state which is why your state isn’t listed.

really thought about being the first sucker here

Who is? Do they still do FirstSucker?

I’m broke but I couldn’t resist. Maybe I’m it! :-d

I didn’t. I just clicked the big gold button. Nearly out of inzinerator so this should fill that hole.

Damn. 26.8° brix! Is this sweet or super alcoholic?

Woot! 15.6% alc. and 6.1g/L res. sugar. Those were some hungry hungry fungi™! :slight_smile:

any word why some wines are listed as being able to ship to N.J. And some arent like this one?

I wonder what the specific source for the grapes and bottling is for Woot Cellars? (Maybe I missed it–tired tonight.)

No winery listed. I cannot find that info anywhere. What happened to the Amazon decree that all wineries be listed for woot cellars wines?

Each winery has to license with each state. So it will vary from sale to sale.

Courtesy of CJ:

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And where are the sales stats? Did we have the Troubles II?

Woot, how did you make this wine? :slight_smile:

LOL I was probably first sucker, and anytime I’m involved with computers something is bound to go horribly awry. Sorry for breaking wine.woot!

Three Wine Company, Contra Costa County. Just like the previous two Woot Cellars.

Edit: They’ve done 5 previous (1 red, 4 white) to this one …

2008 Woot Cellars Triacipedis = Matt Cline of Three Wine Company
2008 Woot Cellars Adequate Gift = Matt Cline of Three Wine Company
2010 Woot Cellars Triacipedis and the Minotaur’s Chalice = Three Wine Company
2011 Woot Cellars F-Bomb Riesling = Three Wine Company
2011 Triacipedis in the Dominion of the Flower-King = Three Wine Company

We had a bit of a burp Friday night and that’s a lingering after effect. Should be fixed sometime this week, I’m sure.

Tried this wine during the rpm tour labrat session. It’s an easy drinking Zin with lots of fruit (as the name implies) and a semi-sweet finish.

Although I enjoyed it, those with more sophisticated palates may turn their noses up at this one.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the winemaker is Matt Cline of the Three Wine Company who also produced the recent Woot Cellars F-Bomb Riesling but that’s just speculation on my part.

I know that SWMBO would enjoy this one and expected it to be an auto-buy when it eventually showed up here but I have to say I am a little bummed at the price point of this offer. Pretty pricey for a party-time Zin with Woot Cellars branding.

Can I get a splitness up in here?

EDIT: I see that as I was running off at the fingers, Sparky confirmed the Three Wines pedigree.

We had this at the RPM Tour Super Tasting. This wine tastes exactly like the name. There is truth in advertising.

We had this at the RPM Tour Labrat tasting just before the Veterans tour started.

It was good and I don’t think there was too much alcohol on the nose. But my notes aren’t that good from that night.

I be fast and you be slow! And I would have been even quicker if I found the bottle (from the labrat) faster! :wink:

Where are you again?