Woot Cellars Fruit Bomber (4)



Woot Cellars 2010 Pour Pour Me Fruit Bomber 4-Pack
2010 Pour Pour Me Fruit Bomber
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Oh HELL yes. I was hoping that some of the wine.woot blasts from the past would show up, as I’m on a limited budget (yeah, I know, burn my computer and live in a hole in the ground until the wootoff is over, resistance is futile).

I still have a bottle from the first time around and I love it. This really IS a total fruitbomb, though, so consider yourself warned.

You could probably serve this lightly chilled, and I bet it would make very good REAL sangria (ie not the crap that is $5/pitcher at Applebees but the real deal made with Grand Mariner and not too much fruit).

I like mine with pungent cheese (and yes I am a cheeseaholic), dried fruit, pickles and the like as well as spicy foods that could use a fruity offset.


Love the label, but passed on it last time due to the possibility that it might be off dry. I would love some tasting notes from wooters who have tried this.


This is not the bomb I had in mind. I missed my shot at F-bomb when it was first offered.


(points loudly in an upward direction at my last post)

It’s a sweet fruit bomb, so buy away!

Tasting notes: Sweet fresh-fruity, heavyish mouthfeel, almost like a very light sherry but not as hot, sweeeeet for a red that isn’t explicitly a dessert wine. As noted, very nice offset for spicy/peppery things; think great with chili or spicy ribs.


You mean the white? Have patience, I bet it will show…


I know I opened and served a bottle of this at a small dinner party, and I remember it being very drinkable and not too hot from the alcohol, but I can’t for the life of me remember anything specific about it. Maybe I had too much wine that night.


Has anyone tried this is it semi sweet or dry?


I have been looking for a sweet, not dry wine. This looks like just the thing. Thanks for the comments.


Not quite as sweet as expected but lots of fruit as the name implies. It’s a little hot due to high alcohol % and has that nice peppery spice on the finish like a lot of Zins.

I enjoyed it enough to buy it twice but do feel that it’s a bit over-priced for a Woot Cellars offering.

EDIT: When I drank this, I just popped & poured but a couple reviews on CT suggest that the wine improves with aeration.




Is this like that crappy Stella Rosa making the rounds these days?


Wine novice here who buys Scott Harvey, Wellington, and most of the Woot Cellars offerings and have never been led down the wrong path (as long as the Blitzen gets better this year…like the Twas before it).

I got this last time, haven’t opened yet. More notes anyone? Drinking window?




would this be comparable in sweetness to the Inzinerator?


does anyone know who makes this wine?


Hi: Is this comparable in sweetness to the Inzinerator? the specs (PH are about the same, Inzin has .8 RS)



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IIRC it was slightly more sweet than the InZin–thinner body, more hit-you-over-the-head-with-a-sack-of-sweet-fruit.