Woot Cellars Holiday Gift Shop

Woot Cellars Holiday Gift Shop

Adequate Gift (4) + 4 Wine Bags
Woot Cellars 2008 Adequate Gift, Contra Costa County Red Wine
Wine.Woot Gift Bag 4-Pack

Woot Cellars Mixed Case (12)
$124.99 $260.00 52% off List Price
2009 Woot Cellars Toothsteinn The Red, The Grimy Wyvern Wine-Hall Cabernet Franc
2011 Woot Cellars Phat Goose Red Blend, Central Coast
2010 Pour Pour Me Fruit Bomber
2008 Woot Cellars Adequate Gift

Woot Cellars Tøøthstejnn The Red (4)
2009 Woot Cellars Tøøthstejnn The Red, The Grimy Wyvern Wine-Hall Cabernet Franc

Phat Goose (6) with Random Freaker
2011 Woot Cellars Phat Goose Red Blend, Central Coast
Random Shirt.Woot Exclusive Ugly Holiday Sweater Freaker

Quaffmor Sauv Blanc (5) & Shirt
2010 Woot Cellars Quaffmor Sauvignon Blanc
Shirt.Woot Exclusive ‘Wine Hat’ Shirt

Woot Cellars Phat Goose Case (12)
2011 Woot Cellars Phat Goose Red Blend, Central Coast

Yeah, more adequate gift. I’m glad you guys made way too much of this.

How do you have a Plus offer in which you can get so many current Woot Cellars offerings alone, but not the Pour Pour Me?

I already have Toothstejnn, Adequate Gift and Quaffmor in my cellar. I’d like to try Phat Goose and Pour Pour Me. It’s possible to buy Phat Goose alone but not Pour Pour Me.

Can’t somebody fix this problem? I don’t want to buy an entire mixed case, which includes wines I already have, just to try a couple wines that I don’t have.

An offer with 2 Phat Goose and 2 Pour Pour me would be great.

Supply and demand…

Do I want this? Everyone seems to raving about it…

Any reviews on the mixed case and QPR? I’ve been tempted to try some of these, but haven’t been tempted enough to pull the trigger.

Edit: Found what I was looking for here and I’m in for one mixed case to test the waters.

Wondering if this mixed case is worth picking up for gifts. Are these something I can give without embarrassing myself to the wine lovers on my list here in northern California wine country?

Most are fine to give but I would be hesitant to give toothy 2 to a casual wine drinker as people can be put off by cab franc. It’s not a casual easy drinking wine typically.

Perhaps there is some Blitzen still left in the Woot Cellars?

I agree with you on cab franc’s in general, but this one is very smooth and all too easy to drink. I got 8 bottles last time and am thinking about picking up 12 more because it has proven to be a crowd pleaser.

My one test did not go well, he poured it down the drain. I didn’t taste it so it’s possible it was a bad bottle. He said it threw a lot of sediment as well.

Doing a big-time Happy Dance … when Toothy 2 originally showed up last month, I thought for sure I was going to have to miss out on a Wine.Woot offering for the first time in many, many years. But now that Ohio’s back on the list …

In for 3.

You want the Adequate Gift and Tøøthstejnn if you’ve not had them.

Mine threw some sed as well, but oh-so-tasty. Have 7, do I ~need~ more, no, want…?

South Carolina needs to be added to the list for Adequate Gift. Seriously, because I just bought it two days ago. Unless those bags can’t be shipped into the state for some reason.

I haven’t had either. Was looking at getting the adequate…not sure on the tooth

I still want some Toothy 2, anyone know the status of getting Wisconsin back on the list? Any sort of update would be greatly appreciated.

So, is West Virginia permanently off ALL the shipping lists on WineWoot! ? I have been unable to purchase and restock my meager inventory for several weeks now. As far as I can tell there are no FedEx restrictions for this state. Or did someone just drop the ball and assume that West Virginia is part of Virginia (it isn’t btw)?

We appear to be in the same boat here in Kansas. I can’t begin to imagine how much wine I’ve purchased thru wine.woot since Kansas changed their laws in 2009 and wineries began licensing to ship to Kansas. Now, all of a sudden, Kansas is not on ANY wine.woot lists…including all of those for wines from wineries that I’ve purchased from in the past. What gives? I can’t imagine that every winery that wine.woot deals with has dumped Kansas. Can somebody give me an explanation? Every time that I’ve inquired, I get the same old song and dance that apparently this winery or that winery is not licensed to ship to Kansas…but that makes no sense whatsover, since so many of them have in the past. The exact same wines that I’ve purchased on previous offers are now no longer shipping to Kansas. Did they all just give up on Kansas? Sorry for the rant, but it’s very frustrating…I’ve always enjoyed the vast majority of wines that I’ve purchased on wine.woot, but that appears to have come to an end…