Woot Cellars Humbug Crate with Shirt


Wasn’t it $49.99 during the woot-off? What is going on here??


Uhh, is this good with Twinkies?


Oh I see now, cuz they want wine.woot to sell it, not woot


This POS finally comes up, and it’s shown as $60 instead of $50? Bah humbug to you too, woot.


Step 1. Get a box

Step 2. Put your wine in that box


I was down for $50.00, now unsure at $60.00. I usually stick in the 8-15 range…


Last week here it was 60 for 6 bottles!


OK, so the price went up $10, plus it’s a 3 pack instead of a 6 pack. And the link from the WootOff never worked.



Just checked tracker in woot forum and it was $50. =(


How is this a good deal if the original offer was 6 bottles for $60 ($10 per bottle)? That t-shirt is worth $20?


It was $10/bottle - 6 for $59.99, but that didn’t have a t-shirt or the gift box. So, you’re paying $20 for a shirt and the gift box (plus some more to cover the extra shipping, I’d guess).


it’s 50 again :smiley:


SAME, that’s pretty weak.


Glad I picked up 12 at $10 a bottle instead of this crazy $20 a bottle stuff just for a tshirt and a wooden box.


Bowtie is confused and thinks Woot is covering their tracks. On juvie.woot you can find this under the “blog” but not under “the community” though you can read the comments under “the blog” and now it’s ten bucks more. I mighta maybe considered it at 50 cause it would replace the 3 bottles I’m giving away plus I’d get a shirt and a wooden box I have no use for, but not 60.

now Bowtie is not confused, price is 50 now. Dunno if I’ll buy, haven’t tried any yet, though they are on the desk behind me, maybe I should try one now.


So 6 bottles for 59.99, 3 bottles for 49.99? OK, the shirt for 10, the crate is worth $20?


Humbug. I got the 6 pack when it came out last week but I didn’t get a cool wine.woot shirt. ;(

WineDavid any way the shirt would be sold as a side deal at some time?


Yes it is an interesting pricing scheme, essentially you are paying $20 for a Wine.Woot shirt and a nice wooden crate.

I would have been all over the shirt at $15 shipping/inc. but since I’ve already got 6 Humbugs coming this is a pass.


The question is: “Is the wine any good?” Does anyone hear have any experience w/ this wine?