Woot Cellars Humbug

Woot Cellars Humbug
$29.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Aged
2 Woot Cellars Humbug

CT Link above.

…and I really don’t like the look of those lights…

Yay! Loved this the first time around. Happily in for 2.

God save us all.

Original offer discussion here

The first wine.woot-off!

yay humbug! got 1

A wine.woot! woot-off?!!? This is madness!

You’re killing me woot…I really liked this the first time around…damnit…

Woot Off lights on Juvie, Kids, and Wine. Scary sight…

Nice! In for 2. Now I can drink the one I have left from 2 years ago.

Nice! In for 2. Now I can drink the one I have left from 2 years ago.

A wine.woot off? My credit card is literally trembling in fear.

Yet another wine I was able to get last time but not this time. WD, you are losing a ton of money with me shutting North Dakota down.

One of my wine.w00t faves! $15 buckaroos apiece?

This will go fast. After seeing the look on my wife’s face today after a couple more packages arrived including the last woot wine, I better not be in.

the previous deal was 6 for 65. Now it’s 2 for 35.

I really want this though, but it probably will not arrive before I leave.

Some great images from last time it was around:


I missed out the first time…this is one of the missing wine.woot wines in my collection!

Wow. Triple dog woot-off. First time evar.

In for 2 even though I can’t afford it right now if I want to avoid paying interest. I almost have a complete Woot Cellars collection now. I believe I just need the original offering now. If I could spare the money I’d think about gifting some also.