Woot Cellars Humbug

I want a Bag of Carrots with a 50 inch LCD in it…even a refurb would be ok !!

If I wanted wine, I’d pull some out of my cellar.

service not available.

Me thinks wine.woot.com is running on a 486.

what the woot!

Doh! wine.woot is already sold out!

Mmmmm… Wine



Can’t buy, under 21.

hope it works better this time…

though it isn’t working great so far

This is cheating

What the hell. And on top of that the link doesn’t work.

Dang, can I just buy the shirt! LoL

It’s a tarp!

they didn’t sell it with the T-shirt earlier this week.

I’d have paid extra back them for the T-shirt.

isn’t this the part where the woot status bar goes crazy?

Definitely no…

Dang, can I just buy the shirt? LoL

humbug! woot woot for wine! too bad this isn 't an mp3 player! what happened to the woot i loved and worshipped with my nerdy heart?

feed it grapes

how do you buy this?

If you are waiting for a good time to take a power nap, it is NOW. Last time woot did this it took over an hour to resume the woot-off.