Woot Cellars Late Harvest Zinfandel (4)

Woot Cellars Vinitwo del Finito Late Harvest Zinfandel Half-Bottle 4-Pack
Sold by: Meeker Vineyard
2013 Woot Cellars Vinitwo del Finito Late Harvest Zinfandel, Alexander Valley, 375ml

Alcohol: 16.5%
Sugar at Harvest: 31.9˚ Brix
Residual Sugar: 5.9˚ Brix

I was thinking this was due to come up before Halloween but here it is randomly in the middle of November. I am on a serious SIWBM except for this.


best thing ive ever gotten off wine.woot

klez: “So should we get 2 or 3?”
molarchae: “Each?!”

We had barrel samples of this on the 2014 RPM Tour. Lucas and co did a great job iirc, and we’ve been waiting for this ever since. Just have to decide how much of this to get…

For fans of the original Vinito del Finito, that was a wine Peter Wellington made for us, while this comes from the fine folks at Meeker. Both are excellent, but different.

Now if we could get some of their reds back on here too… :slight_smile:

Woot Cellars thread updated: http://wine.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?postid=4224544&pageindex=1&replycount=48

I’ll be around all day if you have any questions.

Once I’m 1/3 of the way through my coffee in the morning I’ll give you all the rundown on how this wine came together.

Complaining again? :wink:

It would have made more sense then, for Dia de los Muertos. But better late than never.

In for 3!

In for 3!

Different how? If I loved the other… Will I love this also? :slight_smile:

Yes, yes you will! :slight_smile:

A little less residual sugar, maybe a bit more tart than the first but equally delicious.



Bought 3. One of my favorites is dessert style reds. There are enough of you that tasted it and were waiting for it to tell me it was well made.

So this is still most def a dessert wine, yes? I, too, have been waiting for a reissue and my Mom loved it when I brought one over to the house (I drank the rest).

Is this like port?

How sweet is it?

Tasted on tour.
In for three.

So everyone here who tasted it liked it. This is a DEAL. Autobuy.

Might need a wootlegger here. South Dakota has kept it’s not-on-the-ship-to-list streak unblemished. But I want it!

PS: I still have one bottle of the original Vinito del Finito left, so if we ever have another Minnesota gathering, we could do a side-by-side tasting.

This is an incredibly good deal. If I was pouring this wine in our tasting room we would probably set retail at $30+ per bottle.

And it would sell.

Oh heck yes. 5+% residual sugar. That’s less than the first Vinito, and this wine drinks slightly (I said slightly) more towards a Port style in terms of sugar/alcohol, but I love the Alc/RS balance we stuck it at. I really think we nailed it.

To be clear, this wine is NOT fortified like port and does not have any maderized character, I’m talking only about sugar/alc balance.