Woot Cellars Mixed Case (12)

Woot Cellars Mixed Case
$124.99 $260.00 52% off List Price
2009 Woot Cellars Toothsteinn The Red, The Grimy Wyvern Wine-Hall Cabernet Franc
2011 Woot Cellars Phat Goose Red Blend, Central Coast
2010 Pour Pour Me Fruit Bomber
2008 Woot Cellars Adequate Gift
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Hmm, not sure what to make of this. I want the toothy II, like the fruit bomber (especially at this price), and phat goose and adequate gift are good as well, but I have no need for a dozen bottles. Was hoping for just a 4 or 5 pack of the toothy to pop back up. Will have to think on this for a little bit. $11-12 shipped is a great price though, considering most of these have been sold/resold recently in the $13-15 range.

Maybe I will pop open an adequate gift wine tonight and then make my decision.

Same. I’d do a 3-way with some people in SoCal.

Nevermind. For some reason Ohio is back off the ship-to list for this one. Easy decision now!

I cracked open an Adequate Gift a few nights ago and thought it was excellent.

If Scott Harvey gets grief from NC for his labeling of InZinerator, one of these bottles would certainly get nixed.

Just opened a InZIN last night. What are the odds.

Tempting for the sole reason being I’ve never got my hands on Adequate Gift.

Unfortunately, we already have close to a case’s worth of the others. Going to have to pass this time.

Still, yay for OH being back on the list!

It has definitely settled down since it was first released.

I’m really enjoying the toothy2.

I passed on Phat Goose primarily based on the terrifying visual of the fat man in the bath tub, and seem to recall Pour Pour Me looking to be a bit on the hot & sweet side of things.

I’m intrigued at this price…

I thought pour pour me was very average.
Phat goose was also very average. I haven’t tried toothy 2 yet. To me the superstAr of the group is adequate gift. I’ve reordered it every time I can. But I don’t want the rest of these.

I already have a mixed case worth of Adequate Gift (2), Phat Goose (4) and Pour, Pour Me (6). Looks like the same ship-to list from the previous offer of Toothy was used. Most likely Ohio should be on the list but somebody forgot to update it.

Hopefully Toothy will be offered again by itself and the list will be corrected by a more detail oriented woot staffer.

Me: Please, please get Wisconsin back on the nice list!

Bank Account: take your time. All is well.

Anybody know the shipping times on this? I want to give some as gifts for the holidays.

This is gift week, all items are supposed to ship in-time for Christmas. With that being said, don’t necessarily expect this to arrive 2 weeks before christmas. I’m sure WD will correct me if I am wrong here, but that is the point in “gift week”.

I agree that the pour pour me is very average at it’s original price ($15). I think my original impression of it was that it would be good around $10-12, which it now is! With that said, it still takes after it’s name, fruit bomber.

I’ve resorted to shipping to my Mom’s house in Iowa.

BTW, in for 1.

Just heard back from WD & co…they confirmed OH can’t be added for this sale. Sorry.

That is… strange. Thanks for checking.