Woot Cellars Monkey 2nd Prize

Woot Cellars Monkey 2nd Prize
$59.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 6 Woot Cellars 2008 Monkey Second Prize, Sonoma County
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(Not the same winery as the first monkey prize which was Highway 12)
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Congrats to Corrado on first sucker!

I was supposed to be a labrat but unfortunately had a delivery problem with the bottle :{


I am a rat!

Unfortunately, I had a prior engagement this evening preventing me from popping this lovely-looking bottle to be able to have a report ready for you now, but I promise I will be gathering the troops tomorrow night to do the deed. In the meanwhile - I give you …

Front Label:


Back Label:


Text on Back Label:

But I’m buying NOW because I fear it will be sold out before I can even get around to trying it. :happy:


Pictures will follow sometime this weekend. Not sure how my wife’s stupid camera works lol.

I got the email last night that I was selected to Labrat this wine. I was stoked, it didn’t say the wine, but everyone thought it pretty obvious that it would be Monkey 2nd Prize. Confirmed once I plugged the tracking number in and saw the description. I had the delivery routed to the Fedex facility I pick all my deliveries up from. I picked it up at lunch today at about 12:50pm. It sat in my semi-warm truck until I left work at 5pm, today’s high was 76 degrees, but a bit warmer in my truck. I put the box under a sweater so that the sun wouldn’t hit it and warm it up faster. This seemed to work as the bottle was still slightly cooler than room temperature when I took it out of the box.

The following are my tasting notes. My palate is pretty simple. For the most part, I LOVE old world wines, I have just recently gained respect for California wines. My favorite wines to date have been Willamette Valley PN, I don’t think I’ve made that a secret. :slight_smile: California Cabs if done right are probably the best out there (disclaimer, haven’t tasted $100+ French wines, so I can’t make an a to b comparison).

So I opened the box up, found out that it was a Cabernet Sauvignon blend with some fairly standard varietals (Cab Franc, malbec). I new it was going to be red, so I had my wife prepare some lean (chewy) steaks. We’re on a diet, so we have to keep it lean.

I begun the process by opening the bottle at 6:22pm. I put my nose to the bottle, it smelled primarily of dust.

I poured a small amount into one glass, not aerated in any fashion. Then I poured a slight amount into my Vinturi into a second glass. After that, I immediately poured the remainder of the bottle into my decanter.

@6:26pm - No Aeration/decanting.
Nose - Dusty, Leather mit, tight tannins and I could tell there was some fruit in there somewhere, but it seemed so young still and a difficult task to pull any specific fruit from it at this point.
Taste - The fruit is very subtle, at this point it certainly hasn’t opened up yet, very tight. Very strong tannins and fairly hot. It was a bit on the dry side which I appreciate.

@6:30pm - Vinturi
Nose - The dust turned into more of a gravel smell, it is beginning to develop something at this point. I can now pull raspberries, rose petals and chocolate from it. Still a bit tight and rustic.
Taste - Fruit opened like on the nose, this helped balance the wine out, it wasn’t nearly as harsh as before. There is still a fair amount of heat and tannins as well as dry soil.

@6:45 - Poured a small amount out to consume with dinner. (Steak grilled on BBQ w/ a simple rub, baked potato, mixed vegetables steamed).
Nose - Very musty, like a humid day in wine country. Spiciness still dominated the smell, but there was some hint of cherries and chewy ones that made me want to dip in!
Taste - Although it tasted nice with the potato and maybe a little less so with the steak, it seemed to over power them as opposed to compliment, I would attribute this to the wines youth.

@7:00pm we had a piece of Rain Republic Cocao.
We felt this was when the wine was at it’s best, mixed with some good chocolate. The fruits and tannins in the wine complimented the cocao nicely.

@7:40pm I poured some more out from the decanter.
Nose - Still overly spicy on the nose, I could pull out cherry for sure now, chocolate, mocha coffee and red apples were now discernible.
Taste - Much softer at this point and more balanced. The fruit played a better role in keeping the structure in tact throughout the taste.

@8:40pm I poured the remainder from the decanter. (my wife is a lush! I’ll blame it on her! :))
Nose - Not much change in the hour, the soil took more of a back seat role and allowed some mushroom, cedar and more rose come out. The cherry was still there.
Taste - Not a whole lot of change, I could taste some chocolate and basil at this point, but it was still spicy and hot on the back end, still semi-dry.

I went in for 1 in hopes that eventually over a few years, this opens up to be a beauty. It seemed VERY tight and young, I almost felt bad for drinking it this early. I feel it has characteristics that will make it great, it certainly was NOT a fruit bomb. My wife didn’t appreciate it, but she has less knowledge about wines than I (if possible).

Thank you WD for choosing me to rat this wine. I hope I provided enough information to help people make their decisions. I’ll post the pictures sometime this weekend.

Before I post my labrat report, I have a question for the winemaker. How is this wine different than the:

Pedroncelli Sauvignon Dry Creek Valley Three Vineyards 2008 ?

The stats on the 2nd Monkey’s Prize and the stats on this wine seem to be the same.

Who made these lovely bottles of pure enjoyment?

Holy Cr#p! Think the servers were blown out for a bit? Between the BOC and Monkey prize I am surprised in only took me 26 minutes to process my order!


Let me guess on the “delivery problem.” The bottle showed up empty, right?

We understand and take advantage of the system :slight_smile:

I’m in early!
Was going to complain about why I’m up, but I’m going back to bed. Looking forward to all the labrat replies. :slight_smile:

In for three while I figure out the BOC game on the main site.

How did you know! I think someone at fedex drank it.

Since the notes are identical as well, I think it’s the same wine.

What? You were drunk when the delivery arrived, so they wouldn’t let you have it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

guys, is this an auto buy? no one has yet to comment on what they feel about this wine

and yes… i can read the stats up at the top, but i still would like some qualitative comments

yayyyyyyyyyyy! Monkeyboy Chango got his Monkeyprize wine, and it was a RED! yay! i was so afraid it was gonne be white.

in for two, and now i have to have an early monkey birthday party.

abba dabba monkey wine- yahoo!

i love you all.

Wait. Does the label have a typo? It says 13% CF not 15%. Is it that way on the bottle?

Well, there hasn’t been a bad woot cellars yet, IMO, though some have definitely been better than others. The more recent ones generally haven’t sold out quickly, so I am waiting to see some labrat notes. The only thing I’ve seen so far is RPM reporting over in world of wine woot that it is red, it tastes like wine, and he didn’t die from drinking it.

I’ll wait for some rats to report in, and then probably jump in if all sounds good. Going to have a bunch of wine incoming with this - several mailing list/club wines have an early April ship date too.

I’m not going to post my labrat until the Woot servers start acting rationally. Don’t want to lose a post.

I think this wine normally retails for about $16 under the Pedroncelli label and can be purchased online for $11-$16, so you’re getting a better deal by a few $$s and a much cooler label and probably cheaper shipping here at Woot.

Well the numbers don’t add up to 100 so I’d say yeah, label typo.