Woot Cellars Monkey 2nd Prize

Yes, the bottle is different. Here it is from my bottle:


Here’s the Pedroncelli on CellarTracker. $16 at the winery.

haha just as i was about to do this! lol

im confused , did anyone get a bag of crap that game is killing me, is this wine worth it?

The original Monkey Prize was my favorite Woot Cellars issue.

I got a BOC on level one, but strangely didn’t have to play the game to get it (the game just didn’t pop up). My first one after years and years of trying!

The wine is probably worth it, though rattage should be commencing relatively soon so you can see what those who have actually tasted the wine think.

Interesting that the average CT price is near $24 bucks when all the online sources have it for $12-$16

Same here with the boggie (but #5 for me). Glad too - that game got boring fast!

It’s supposed to go to Level 10, and it’s stuck on 3. Maybe the Woot code monkeys had too much of their wine. :wink:

Don’t forget low Woot shipping cost makes this an even better deal.

Feel free to browse my photo gallery of my labratting. I’ll post a full review later when the message board is acting normal.


well I think I pulled the trigger too soon to make last sucker this time.

I was on the monkey prize!

I got a Level 2 Bag o’ Crap, and didn’t have to play the game either. So… there’s that.

Also went in for one of the Monkey Wine.

And as irritating as that game seems to be for everyone, I have to say I’m probably saving a few dollars with the servers being busted.

oh man! I got my FIRST QUALITY POST!!! i guess i’m gonna have to go in for one, maybe 2, if i get another! :wink:

It sure looks pretty!!!

Maybe I don’t know enough about this forum and it’s minions, but don’t you work for the joint? Doesn’t woot give you a sampling of it’s own cellar bottle just for wearing the uniform? You have to be granted lab rat duty?

AHHH!!! you gave me another quality post!!!
I’m a man of my own word, i’ll go in for 2!

Most Woot Cellars are auto-buys … and the ones people complained about (EHP/Toothy/Adequate Gift) were much better about a year or more later.

Most of us will be posting our labrat reports tomorrow.

Nope. Cesare is a fine upstanding Wineaux not employed by Woot. Or Wine.Woot.

He just has a huge head. That Sole Triple Exalted High Tastemaster Supreme really went to it. :tongue:

Oh, and the labrats for this (so far) are:

Cesare (delayed)
richardhod (via kylemittskus)

richard is in London, so Kyle will be posting. Cesare is out of town, but will be posting eventually (Saturday or Sunday?).

I’m glad I could be a part of such an esteemed and established group of wineaux. I brought MY “A game”, I know it’s not much, but I hope it compares somewhat to these other fine rats! :slight_smile:

Cant get a bag o crap to save my life.