Woot Cellars Pinkie Swear (3) w/Gift Bags

As much as I like wine nowadays, I really want those bags.

I’m not sure this is really a deal. Either increase quantity or lower the price. I’m not buying 12’ roses when there are so many great 13’ & 14’s available. Just make it a six pack, get it to $10 a bottle and blow it out!

Tasting notes from 1/5/14

Enjoyed at slightly above fridge temp after being open for an hour. It’s a rose blend of 6 different red grapes so I was unsure of what to expect. Color is ruby with a bit if copper in the edges. It’s of medium color depth and clear.
The nose was a muted strawberry and I suspected it was the temp. The wine feels young still but I’m not sure how it will age.

It’s very fresh, light bodied, and dry but comes across as well balanced. As the wine warmed I got some additional flavors primarily raspberry and a slight herbaceousnes. A medium finish with a round note on the tongue.

We enjoyed it with ham hoc soup and it seemed to accompany it nicely.

I want the bags too, a 14k gold pendant in the form of BOC, and a watch with a BOC face.

Can you make this happen Woot?

Definitely not a deal. This was originally offered for $10/bottle (without the bags).

Why cant wine be delivered to CT, I’m in base housing which is a house off base, just wondering.

When the winery has a license for CT, it can ship there. This winery does not have a CT license.

CT is on the list of ship-to states for the Pinkie Swear. Do you have an APO address? That could be why.

Factor in the bags and the summer AND the fact there is some scarcity on the remaining inventory, i respectfully disagree.

i think this label is an absolute classic. wine is good too.

Good catch. Yes, it must go to a physical address. You can ship to your local FedEx store. Many of us do that.