Woot Cellars Pinkie Swear (6)

This looks like pure juice. I don’t know anything at all about it, but it looks like something that comes in a plastic pouched marked “capri sun”.

By the stats, this is popular in South Carolina (and nowhere else). 'Nuff said, I guess.

You’re way off the mark…way off…looks are deceiving…

Always passed on earlier offers of this.
Up for a SoCal split if any are interested.


Ok, you got room?
I’m trying to compress to fit down here.
I’ll take two or three.

I’m sure. I’m a total wine novice. But from the looks alone, it seems like it could’ve come from a juice box. Even more amusing that it’s actually good (going by your comment)!

It may look like that, but look at the blend and the numbers.
Meeker is a known and respected producer here.
This will be exactly as it is repreented; an easy drinker for summer patio gatherings.
Nothing to contemplate, but something to casually enjoy.

Any 1 or 2 extra bottles?