Woot Cellars Pinkie Swear (6)

No Minnesota? Really?

Probably a mistake, they like to use the states list from previous offers without checking to see if there have been any changes. Happens a lot. Unfortunately there is little chance that it gets fixed during a wootoff because they’re all busy… wooting off.

No Wisconsin?!?!?

See above.

EDIT: TN, GA, WI, & MN were added back to the list of states that wine.woot ships to on 10/14/2014. Now if only the people who post these offers knew that…

I saw that :frowning: - very disappointing

you still have my three bottles from the split last May, right?

Sent a note to WD - he said he was checking but not sure if anything would be able to be fixed for this offering…

Yeah, if only…

Maybe WD will take care of those of us who can’t order due to this glitch? We Minnesotans would love some Rosé to enjoy now that winter is finally (mostly) behind us.

Same here for your border neighbors in Wisconsin :slight_smile:


“This item cannot be shipped to MN. Please remove this wine from your order.”

Looks like WD could not fix it for MN.
And just when we’re seeing temps above zero.

Sob. At least we can console ourselves with woot’s Pedroncelli 2013 Dry Rosé of Zinfandel, Signature Selection, which arrived last week.

Edit: Thanks, WD, you came through again.

UPDATE: Thanks for everyone’s post and we apologize for the hiccup.

The states that are missing should be added very soon.

Thank you for your patience.


Yes! Thank you very much for the update :slight_smile:

Thank you!

? Never ordered/cant recall. Refresh my memory please :flushed:

Oh yeah!! Pairs great with some Panda Express orange chicken. I’ll make my own this time around. :wink:

Went through! Thanks.

Anyone from St. Paul/Eagan area want to split a few, PM me.

Start here

If anyone would like to split their order with someone in SE Wisconsin that has missed out, shoot me a PM. I missed this deal because I was at work when the offering was fixed and was unable to order previous times with WI being blocked.

I’ve missed all the Woot Cellar offerings since Sept. 2013 except the Q4 Holiday Red. I’d love to get my hands on at least 1 bottle of all the ones I missed for the collection.