Woot Cellars Polyphemus and Shirt


What the holy hell?

We can only hope!

My first wine.woot purchase that will be delivered to my new home in AZ!! Excellent!

Thanks WD :slight_smile:

Man! Their goal must be to get everyone intoxicated to buy the guitars.


It can’t be delivered to even my BACKUP state of CT?!?!

Good gravy! I can’t handle the Woot Offs! Overload.

Forget about the wine go buy a Peavey Rockmaster Standard Acoustic Stage Pack at woot.com

So tempting.
This is a damn good blend but I still have a couple of magnums from the first offering.

Ahh…but I’d get the cool shirt too.

if you buy the wine and the guitar you can call yourself a band =]

but seriously, go buy those guitars.

wow is this a sneak peak of the wine detour

It might just work. I’m pretty sure they could deliver the wine & those guitars will still be there…

Woo-hoo! GREAT offering.

Woot Cellars Polyphemus and Shirt
$44.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Magnum
Products: 1 Woot Cellars Polyphemus 2005 1.5L
1 Polyphemus Woot Shirt

Volume: 1.5 ML bottle (Magnum)

1.5ML bottle, don’t fall for it, that’s like $33.33 per mL

Keeping with my order history so far… another Woot Cellars offering for me. I think the only one I’m missing now is the Humbug.

Ok, I wanna go in on this for the wine, but don’t really want the shirt. Anybody in the NoVA/DC area want the shirt for $10? PM me your size if so.

I LOVE this stuff. can’t argue at all with the price either. I may be amassing way too many of the shirts, though.

In for 1, probably should have gotten 2. I hate only having 1 bottle of a wine, and I missed this from previous offerings.