Woot Cellars Polyphemus



Enjoy! I still havent tried mine to know whether I should buy another…



Everyone was talking about it so much, couldn’t help myself. Only in for one, though, I can’t justify spending too much more this month on anything heh.

Woot Cellars Polyphemus
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i’ve had 2 of the 3 i got last time. good stuff.


I just sensed something good was coming, after reading the blog for Humbug (in for 1 there - wish I had done two!) After hearing such good things, I had to grab 2 of these babies!!

Are there LabRats for the second offering??? Or no LabRats for a 1.5 liter?


I have heard a lot of people writing about this one. I was kind of hoping for a mid-week cheese or chocolate selection. But, I’ll ponder this one!


Bought 3… solely on the reviews from the last thread.

I already have 2 bottles. I take a bottle to Beppos for dinner and it’s enough for me, the wife, and our 5 year old.

And no, the 5 year old isn’t getting any. :wink:


I’ll open up one of my other bottles tomorrow and give a report, if no one else is around.


hhmm, i havent tried the first bottle of this i got, maybe i should get into that bottle and decide if i want another… altho i have about 12 or so bottles of wine on there way yet



old review:
DAMNIT! i wrote a pretty long note and the stupid phone i wrote it on erased it.

okay its been two hours since it started decanting, i also ran it thru the vinturi.

my friends opinions first
friend #1: Tannic, is there syrah? it has a little spiceyness. Amazing nose!
Friend #2: Rough tannins, but alot of fruit right after. Its a fun wine i like it.

me: (i’ll add things as i drink so it might sound disjointed)
Nose: The leathery nose is gone now. Now i smell alot of sweet fruits like strawberries. There was initially some plum when i poured it but its been replaced by the sweet fruits. Hum… a bit of cola kinda weird wasn’t expecting that. I might be wrong.
taste: Rough tannins. A little bit bitter on the first sip, this might be a wine you have to ease into. Once you get past the tannins there’s suddenly a burst of fruit. Sweet fruits like strawberries as well as sour cherries. Very fruit forward wine, i think it’s VERY friendly to most wine drinkers. Hum just drank it again, its been about 30 minutes from the start, the tannins have dropped considerably. Now its alot smoother. Still some tannins but mostly the sweet fruit.

finish: sour cherries, almost like children’s cough syrup. The tannins just sit there at the back of our mouth for awhile. The fruit disappears in about 5 seconds but the tannins have been chilling for a good 20 seconds.

overall: very approachable wine. I think it’d be great at parties (6 people here, everyone enjoys it). It might need another year at least to age without having to decant it for too long, apparently as a blend its only been aged for two months and that makes sense. The flavors haven’t mingled properly yet, each grape varietal seems to be showing itself, but not together.

I think for 34$ its not a bad price at all, especially since you can serve a whole bunch of people this wine. I think it has potential. Right now its not an amazing wine, its just a little bit above average but its definitely able to come out stronger later on. I’d say in two years it’ll hit the above average point. I personally like a more big bodied wine, but if you like a fruit flavored wine then this may be it for you!

additional add: Two friends think its extremely approachable, makes for a great party wine. one friends dislikes it, he doesn’t know why he deosn’t like it but he just doesn’t. I dont think its a “big enough” wine for him. I think he likes the same type of wines i do.


my wife (red drinker) AND myself (white drinker) both hated this wine… actually…the last half bottle was used to reduce for a sauce for rib-eye’s… sorry.


Also, new color :). Sweet.


one of my friends greatly disliked it. I wasn’t a huge fan, but i could see how some of my other friends liked it.


After she found out about the Humbug, dear wife put her foot down: No more reds until some of them get drunk. So as much as I would like, I’m out.

(she’d bend on the VR Roseum if that showed up again, though, I’m quite sure :slight_smile:


I ordered two last time and opened the first one for a Pampered Chef party! All of the women loved it! I am a red fan and it had a very smooth taste. Wasnt harsh like some reds can be. It was too easy to drink maybe… :slight_smile:
signed: (indian name) purchaserofmanywinewoots


the label looks like the cover of a comic book…sorry no info on the insides of the bottle here.


Woot Cellars Polyphemus
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Wasn’t going to miss this the second time around. If you guys replay the Kunde, I will be forced to open 3 ‘satellite’ accounts.

Congrats on the Humbug sellout, not much surprise there. Went to a party a few weeks ago and brought a Monkey Prize. Lady of the house gave me a weird look after examining the bottle, handed it off to her husband. He immediately went ape-… well, bananas, as he had heard about the Monkey Prize, but “not being a member” (his words) he couldn’t get any. He’s a wine.wooter now, and was cheering the bouncing golden Want as he snagged a case of Humbug.


instantly in for 3… every comment I’ve heard on the boards has made me jealous, and I wasn’t around when it was offered. I was expecting to see the chocolates from the humbug labratting… this was a pleasant surprise. Well played wine.woot (WD).


thats an awfully big bottle! just can’t justify this one (yet). i have 6 roshambos already and 6 humbugs on the way! and thats just my wine.woot wines.

how long will this last after opening?


I bought two when it was originally offered and opened one at a dinner party I held back in October. It’s been a while, but I do remember that everyone enjoyed it. By the time the main course was served, it had been decanting for over 2 hours and even my friends who normally aren’t red wine drinkers really liked it. It was our third wine of the evening and between the 7 of us we pretty much emptied the bottle.

Sorry I don’t have more detailed tasting notes, but it paired really well with the lamb shank & winter squash that I served. I think the creaminess of the squash and the richness of the lamb helped cut whatever tannins were remaining.

I’m so tempted to order some more but after a whirlwind afternoon spent up at Napa last weekend I need to at least attempt to place a moratorium on my wine purchases. Alas…