Woot Cellars Polyphemus

Woot Cellars Polyphemus
$34.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Aged
product(s): 1 Woot Cellars Polyphemus Sonoma Red Blend 2005 1.5L

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…and where’s the Pope Hat? Woot lauch, no?

alright a woot wine

I bought three! Awesome! Love the label!

Nice, back to 5 buck shipping.

Im in for 1.

Doh! I thought I might be first to woot, tonight – I’m in for 3, too. All on the “woot cellars” cachet, too.

You bastard, you stole my week of fame!

and damn it, I tried to be first sucker this week. grrrr…

i wish it came in 2 standard bottles vs this one monstrosity.

We need another Monkey Prize. I don’t know what this abomination is… I’d gladly experiment with 2 750ml bottles of this, but opening a 1,5L bottle requires it to be consumed within a few days time, which I and guests are unable to do.

Woot Cellars Polyphemus
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Got mine! 1st Wine.Woot in a month for me, I’m excited!

I bought so fast I forgot about the free shipping coupon!
Oh well, always next week - that is unless 17 first poster winery lovers don’t talk me out of it.

So im kind of new to wines. I like reds that are on the sweeter side. How do you all think this wine will taste? Sweeter or drier?

Me too!

All right, a wine that actually ships to AZ!

Having been pleased with Woot Cellars in the past, I ran over from Woot ready to hit the “I want one!” button. But when I saw the size of the button, I had to pass. Sorry Wine.Woot.

Me three!

The description refers to barbera, sangiovese, syrah and merlot, but the details leave out the merlot. Wassup with that?

Are you kidding?? Anything Woot Cellars puts out, you buy. I went in for 3, despite the fact that I have just quit my job and am now self-employed, broke and rebuilding my clientelle from close to scratch. I had a strict “no extraneous purchases” rule because of this, and I still bought all I could.

I also appreciate the fact that it’s not just another meritage kind of blend. I love me some sangiovese and can’t wait to see what this is like!!

Yay for woot cellars! If I get my order before the week is out, I will post tasting notes.

Yeah…My last Wine.Woot was in the middle of July. This Woot Cellar offering got me, though. I wonder if they’re going to do a normal bottle offering or if this is it??? I was going to buy a bunch again this year for xmas presents, but I don’t see giving any of these away since I could only buy three of them. Oh well. At least they’ll fill up some space in the bottom of my cellar. :slight_smile: