Woot Cellars Polyphemus

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Woot Cellars Polyphemus [Aged] - $34.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Woot Cellars Polyphemus Sonoma Red Blend 2005 1.5L

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ah, and all the missing links are falling into place…

edit: first sucker! first first sucker!

Do my eyes deceive me? This can ship to Canada?

Will this be a regular thing from now on? I hope so, I’m moving there!

Woot Cellars Polyphemus
$34.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Aged
1 Woot Cellars Polyphemus Sonoma Red Blend 2005 1.5L

Previous Offers:
10/1/2007: Forum
11/28/2007: Forum

Still got a jumbottle from 2007. Kept it stashed for our office Christmas party. Can’t wait! Yummy stuff.

Here’s some backtrail info on it:

never had this before but have always been buy-curious (that’s stolen from arrested development)
in for one…and with that, it’s bed-time
good night WD, et al

I think we are all just hallucinating.

Been wanting to try this for over a year. Even if it is just OK, the label is badass! And being slightly intoxicated from our 2nd to last bottle of the Noceto Sangiovese 2005 Riserva (w/ more on the way), I could not just sit here and not grab one of these!

So you’re telling me those Polyphemus shirts I don’t wear are worth $10 each?!

I will ALWAYS be in for 3 of these!!

I just had to look at the last offer too…I didn’t care about the Shirts last time…I may be in this time since it’s just the juice!!


In for two…one for the heck of it just to feel like a man drinking a Fosters, one to hold when I really like it. And smart thinking WD, no more Shirts to avoid the potential fiasco

We drank a bottle of this last year on Christmas. It made our night bright. Fa la la la la! Bought more just now.

I still have the one I bought last time (with the shirt).

Can anyone who has had this tell me if it’s worth buying another?

wish this one included a shirt as well. might help me pull the trigger

want but cannot have

wow, this is fun stuff. I’ve got 3 t-shirts, and have had about 9 bottles of this, it’s spec-damn-tacular.

in for 2 since i missed it before. woot!


I just tried sending it to Alberta as a gift but was blocked by the State/Providence pull down menu; not updated yet for Canada.

Every time I order this stuff I promise to leave it in the cellar… needless to say it never seems to work out like that! :slight_smile:

2 please