Woot Cellars Q4 Holiday Red Blend (5)

This stuff is really good holiday wine. Very rich and fruity with a smooth finish. Definitely drinks above its value.

Seems to me that I really liked this… so in for one more and First Sucker!

First sucker:cynthylee

It’s not that I don’t like it … it’s just that I still have 12 of the 15 I bought when it was first offered last Thanksgiving …
If you have more room than I do, I’d say go for it.

I bought two first time three this time a very drinkable wine.

Could not resist another 5-Pack

Last Wooter to Woot NatasG!

We got this last year and still have a few bottles left. It’s quite nice. The last two bottles had a bit of bottle time carbonation going on, but after decanting are very good.

The strangest thing in the universe is coincidence, and coincidentally I opened up a bottle of this to have with dinner tonight before this deal came up. Fate? :slight_smile:

In for one; this wine is a great buy for the $$.

Hmmm Made by Pedroncelli or sold via Pedroncelli? Love my Pedroncelli…so I’ll go in for 1 or 2…maybe 3…argh!

Relatives drank me out of house, home and 2 orders of this wine over Christmas. Should have served the footwash, instead.

This is my chance to enjoy this wine out of the hustle and bustle of holiday celebrations. Looking forward to it.

Interesting, but on the fence.

Still lamenting the fact that I missed the Wellington offer earlier, enjoying a Syrah from there now, and quite glad I re-discovered wine, thanks to this place and the helpful comments which usually accompany most offerings.

even though I have about 30 bottles of Ardente, I miss it being offered. Boo Amazon

Hey guys, remember that you should hold back some for fall, I will buy some then.


It’s a Woot Wine, ~AND~ it’s a Pedroncelli.

Drinks way above this tariff.


Not sure if you like Wellington as well, or if you’re having mercy on someone trying to figure out all that is available -)

When young I was lucky to have good wines overseas, selected by people who knew, at a time I didn’t really care as there were too many other things occupying my mind.

Back in the states, there was the unknown fare that the local grocer offered, or house wine when dining. I did miss those grapes though, but forgot about them for years.

My best in finding and enjoying, thanks, and nice to meet you.

A quaffer. Put a rush on it, would you Ed. When Pedroncelli comes up,I know I must be going on vacation. 16 days will be cutting it real close.