Woot Cellars Q4 Red (5) Plus Gift Bags

nice! Second time today! (already have some otherwise I’d be in)

1% cab…ah NO!

It all depends on your outlook. You can see the glass as 99% empty, or…

Wait, is the Wine Woot-Off over?

It appears so.

Yeah, I think the fat lady sang on this one.

still got the usb light on the tab…

I told myself that if this came around again I’d reorder. So I reordered. Yay me.

Yeah, that will go away at midnight.


Sorry…being a smartazz seems to come naturally. :slight_smile:

wooted this twice now, not disappointed.

Sorry, I should’ve specified. It’s UTC, in honor of Boxing Day.

Smartass comes pretty naturally to most of us hangin’ around here. :slight_smile:

Joke of a Woot-off guys and how many times are you bringing back Q4? It’s not bad, but come off it already. Let’s not see it relabeled as Q1 … Please.

Anyone else get this yet? Still showing “Preparing for Shipment” for me. I’ve ordered this before and it’s never taken quite this long.

You are not alone. Same boat here. Wrote Woot support at the end of last week and they basically said be patient and wait a bit longer.