Woot Cellars Quaffmor



Woot Cellars Quaffmor

Woot Cellars Quaffmor 2010 Sauvignon Blanc 5-Pack
2010 Woot Cellars Quaffmor Sauvignon Blanc

Previous offer:


Hmm… I need to grab my shipment from HAK so I can decide if I want more or not.


anyone had this from last offer? Is it more ala LMR/Twenty Rows OR gooseberry/grassy (NZ-type_).



Hey! I just picked up my order of this, and I love it. It’s 2 very different wines in one. Room-temperature, it’s fruity-fruit FROOTY. From the fridge, it’s crisper and tarter. Nice either way.


Were anyone else’s labels messed up in the last offering? Most of mine had a bunch of air bubbles under the labels. Kind of spoiled the aesthetics of the cool bottle design.


Nope, never had an issue with the labels on any wine.woot offer…moisture issue?


I remember WD talking about that during the original sale:

That’s fresh WCC air right there. Treasure it. You can probably pierce it with a pin and flatten it out.


Ah, thanks for the info, I had missed that. I was more curious than bothered by it… if they were hand labeled I can understand - I’ve actually done a fair amount of bottle labeling myself.


They’re lucky I wasn’t helping. They would have been crooked with some upside down even.


I’ll just pretend they’re clouds :wink:


thanks for chiming in. would youn say this is more on the tropical fruit end of SB as opposed to gooseberry-NZ types? I am not a big fan of the latter so any info would help


about 1/2 of my bottles had labels that were not applied very well. Lots of large air bubbles.


Well, room-temperature it’s very Banana/Kiwi/almost Pineapple thing. Cool it down and it gets tarter; not quite sour gooseberry but you definitely get a “white grapey” tartness in it, a little bit of “dry champagne type” tartness IMO. Does that help?

FWIW, room temperature it goes AMAZING with spicy food; had some with some home-made spicy Bangin’ Bart (Indian eggplant thingie) and it was awesome.


Anyone in the DC Metro area willing to split this? Or if you have one bottle from the last offering that you’re willing to let go, please PM me. Thanks!


I am drinking it cold right now and tasting a lot of lemon, a pucker-worthy amount. Tart, sharp finish. Not tasting much else but I am a wine newbie. I am not loving it. Maybe I’ll try again at a warmer temp.


You should go check out the comments from the original offer. I just quaffed one of these over the weekend and was reminded of the first time I got to try this. And this time I managed to actually share instead of clutching the bottle protectively.

New Zealand style.

Also, I was totally vindicated from when I first claimed “kiwi” when we had this on the RPM tour. People kept doubting me and looking at me like I had 2 heads (instead of 8 arms). But one of my friends (a non-wooter) on Saturday had a first reaction of “kiwi!”. Ha.


Oh, was that your wine that I drank? I forgot that it wasn’t for me. :tongue:

Yeah, we gotta figure out how and when to get it to you. Maybe another NYC tasting at some point in the next couple months…


NZ styley but not as cool and crisp as a great NZ…almost but not quite…a little more fruity without being sweet…deffinitely 2 different wines between ice cold and not quite so chilly…altogether good wind down friday evening ahhhhhhh but not great like Esoterica 2010 which was the best I have had in a long while…really wish I’d bought more!


I would love to comment on this, but mine still has not even shipped yet from the last offering. Never had a woot order take so long before.