Woot Cellars Revelry Red (4) w/Gift Bags

This had good reviews in Oct 2015. The offer is $2 less and you get 4 bags!!

Has anyone got new TN’s to post? Just curious how this is aging.

Yes a bit disappointed bought in October for $2 more & no gift bags!

I was holding for a couple more years. doubt you’ll get current notes.

Sometimes it pays to jump on something quick, sometimes its better to wait. I guess this was the latter…

Amazing value any way you slice it!

$2 for certainty seems like a good deal. I haven’t opened any of these yet. Just cracked my first Wellington Victory ever a couple months ago; I believe it was an '06.

wait… are you implying that this is WELLINGTON?!

Yes, its a woot labeled community crafted blend from the our tour through sonoma in 2014. It uses wellington victory component wines in the blend and could be looked at as a different take on the victory for 2013. It was made to be more approachable early in its life that the victory typically is.