Woot Cellars Revelry Red (4) w/Gift Bags

Anyone had this recently? I bought a case of it when it originally came out and the consensus then was to let it sit for a while…which I have dutifully done.

This is tempting. My Woot impulse is raging right now.

I knew it wouldn’t ship to SC, but I needed to check anyway:-(


IIRC this uses Wellington Victory worthy fruit, with blending decisions made by RPM Tour Wooters. Price point is much lower than Victory. My question is how does this price compare to previous offerings? Ok, another question, were the previous Revelry also 2013’s?

We only made the 2013 during the 2014 Tour.

I had some a couple weeks ago with tri tip. It was quite good. I think it will improve a bit with another year or two, but it didn’t strike me as closed up as one would expect from a serious Cabernet blend. We also opened up a bottle of 2005 Karren vineyard designate Cab. I preferred the Karren, but most folks preferred the Revelry. Both wines were allowed to breathe for about 2.5 hours before dinner.

I haven’t had it since we made it, but I think you’re probably right: the group consensus was for a more forward wine that I would have made. In various blending experiments on the tours, I’ve always come up with wines that the winemakers tell me are rigged for long life and traditional maturation. At Dry Creek, my blend was within 1% of what they bottled for one wine. When we did what became the Revelry, our group blend was similarly rigged.

I think the Revelry will be drinkable now, but much better in 3-5 years. I think it will peak just over 10-12 years, rather than the 15-25 of more typical big Cabs/Bordeaux blends.

Many thanks for this (and also to RPM!).

Just cracked open our first bottle from this order. Wow… Wish we would have bought 3. By far the best testing wine for the price I have ever had.