Woot Cellars Revelry Sonoma Red Wine (4)

Woot Cellars Revelry Sonoma County Red Wine 4-Pack
Sold by: Wellington Vineyards
$78.99 $210.00 62% off List Price
2013 Woot Cellars Revelry, Sonoma County Red Wine

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I am quite surprised any of this still available. This might be a last opportunity to get an unique wine actually blended by woofers. This wine is not only rich in flavor; it has the stuff to age and develop for quite a few years. T

Especially at this price.

A lot of info about this wine can be found on the discussion board from the 10/27/15 offer.

:frowning: No shipping to Vermont?

Well that’ll teach me not to look at the daily email, even if I just bought yesterday – we really enjoyed this, and I certainly would have bought more.