Woot Cellars Sparkling Wine – Two Pack

That label is awesome. I may have to purchase just for that.

Woot Cellars Sparkling Wine – Two Pack
$34.99 + $7 shipping
Condition: White
Product: 2 2001 Brut

Previous Offer:

Celebratory bubbles!!!

where did the j go? is it coming back?

Is Bezos cracking open a bottle right now with the Woot! employees?

So, is this up here as a celebration that woot is now just another sweaty crevace in the Amazon empire (almost as important as the Elastic Block Store!), or is it provided as a means to wash away the shame of the aforementioned corporate coupling?

Sold out? Only 2?

That was awesomely fast!

WTF is going on? Went to buy some J, but after logging in saw this deal, and now it is gone, too.

I bet the J will be back in a few minutes.

“I got owned by woot!” Ha - appropriate.

Wow, I had no idea there’d be just two. My good fortune is just hitting me now!

Ah it’s back. But bouncing…

Wait - it’s back now?

It’s back and I was unable to resist the bouncing button. Same price as previous woot and a seemingly good wine.

I’m in, though the intrenets are still trying to process my order…

All your base are belong to us?

So thats “100 Whooters, Whooting!” today!
(singing a Christmas carol tune in my head)

welcome to Amazon fam… you are now legit. And I will stop trying to steal your employees :wink:


I purchased this before the New Year last year. It’s pretty terrible. It was bitter and dry. I’m sorry. We cooled them down in the fridge and passed it out to everyone. I don’t think there was one person that finished the glass. The label makes it worth it, really.

Though, I have heard if you drink it warm it has a sweeter taste to it. But honestly… who the hell likes warm champagne?