Woot Cellars Tøøthstejnn + Gift Bags (4)

Woot Cellars Tøøthstejnn The Red Cabernet Franc 4-Pack & 4 Wine Gift Bags
2009 Woot Cellars Tøøthstejnn The Red, The Grimy Wyvern Wine-Hall Cabernet Franc
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Delivered in time for Christmas

State list correct? Check. Arrives by Christmas? Check. Something extra thrown in the mix? Check.

**You! **

You know who you are, asked for it, and WD delivered with extras.

For me this is a WW bottle of red that drinks quite well young.
I can only imagine if it ages like other woot reds have, it will then be an even bottle of CF.

Wanted this one. But after all the wine I’ve purchased thru wine.woot…no more Kansas on any offering. Why do I even bother checking anymore…this eternal optimist is losing faith fast.

Wont let me add to cart! Good QPR otherwise? :stuck_out_tongue:

Every year i would always buy a case or two of Woot’s holiday wines, and bring them over to peoples homes that were hosting Christmas parties. People loved reading the label and drinking the wine. Sadly and mysteriously, Woot no longer ships wine to Minnesota, so the tradition ends. I hope it will be back by Christmas 2014. I can’t really blame my nutty legislators, as I know shipping wine to Minnesota is perfectly ok.

Also not to NJ apparently??

There’s been shipping issues for a long while now: http://wine.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?postid=5551637&pageindex=1&replycount=210