Woot Cellars The Pouracle (6)

Woot Cellars The Pouracle 6-Pack
Sold by: Lucas and Lewellen Vineyards
2013 Woot Cellars The Pouracle

Love the label, and I see it’s an L&L wine.
Any additional specs like RS% to be specific?

I remember when a woot cellars release made this place go crazy.

Ya… the first thing I bought woot brand was amazing. The second was super sweet and awful even mixed as a sangria. I can’t buy without a rat review.

KH, I thought you were on Self Imposed Wine Buying Moratorium.

I thought it was a Better idea to release the woot cellars whites in spring time but hey what do I know.

You weren’t supposed to see that. :tongue:

The blend sounds awfully yummy…and I have almost no whites lying around.

I will return to my trip imposed wine buying moratorium tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Huge +1 to that.
I would have loved to have had this over the summer.

Curious about stats as well; fan of L&L but surprised to see predominantly muscat in the mix…

Will def wait for rats.

I noticed you purchased as well :wink:

I too don’t have many whites and I thought the blend sounded interesting. Not to mention it’s a Woot Cellars offer, which typically provide outstanding QPR.

I’m looking forward to some notes from lab rats (if there are any) but if there aren’t, it’d be great to hear some insights from the winemaker. I’mean curious about how long this will hold up before it’s past its peak.

I thought the same thing, however, it seems to be a trend that Woot Cellars offers benefit from some cellar time. So perhaps these will be hitting their stride come next spring/summer? Hopefully the winemaker can chime in and provide more info.

I’d like more stats too, RS in particular, but it ships to SC so I’m in for some regardless.

I’m glad a woot cellar is back, it feels like it has been ages since the last original one. I’m keeping a bit of a collection starting from boss monter.

It’s a 2013 so I doubt it. Unless it’s fairly sweet…


Was so excited to get the word that we were going to be Grape Debaters! We didn’t have any idea what it was going to be, and were excited to see it was a Woot Cellars wine – as long-time Wooters (who still have WAY too many old Screaming Monkeys) we’re suckers for Woot branded stuff.

The bottle shipped alone, in Styrofoam, and I threw it in the fridge to chill overnight. Reading that it was 61% Muscat, I was thinking it was going to be SWEET – nearly a dessert wine. Finally opened it, though, and poured a glass for me and my wife.
Turns out it wasn’t sweet – seemed like the 16% Chardonnay was stronger than the Muscat. It was fairly dry, with no immediate flavor dominating either the smell or the sip. The label talks about “tropical aromas mingling with flavors of apricot and summer peach” – I can get the peach a little, but didn’t smell tropical. The “fresh floral notes” are there in the sip, but really understated.
I let it sit out and warm up a little, and the flavors came out a little more – but so did a little astringency. Not really my thing to drink on its own, but I finished my glass!

Later that night, I tried pairing it with some spicy Thai food – not sure why that came to mind, but the clean, crisp flavor of the wine didn’t clash with the Pad Thai or red curry, and actually took the edge off the heat. I’ll try that again sometime.

I wouldn’t suggest cracking a bottle of this to just drink with friends, but it could be a nice complement to a dinner – and heck, it promises to tell your future too.

Thanks for the chance to Grapely Debate – not sure what else people want to know, so I’ll check in during the day if there are any questions.

I hate the thought of missing out on a Woot Cellars offering regardless of the fact that there isn’t a lot of feedback yet. It’s always worth it just for the labels! This sounds like a nice dessertish, biscotti-dipping wine, so in for one.

Can’t believe I am actually contemplating skipping a Woot Cellars offer but am somewhat underwhelmed initially. Agree with cortot that the label (a back label shot would have been nice) and L&L pedigree are good but timing of release is a little odd. Also agree that the lack of specs is disappointing, especially the RS% considering it’s 61% orange muscat.

Hopefully additional rats, err, debaters will chime in later. This is the kind of wine I would typically gift 2-3 bottles of but the recipients would probably want some sweetness and at this point it’s hard to tell if there is any. The first notes say “dry” but the expectation was “SWEET” so maybe off-dry seems dry?

I’m also wondering what these grapes have been doing for the last 3 years???


Grape debater here-
When we read the grapes in the bottle we thought-uh oh Muscat…sweet…better have after dinner for dessert. Well we were wrong. We did not have any food with this at all but feel it would pair nicely with spicy foods.

Anyway- it is light yellow in color. Smells like a savignon blanc and Viognier at first sniff. We put it in the fridge for about 6 hours to really chill it thinking it was sweet. BUT it was not! Surprise! It had some pineapple taste to it and was very smooth tasting. One of favorite go to whites is the Pine Ridge Chenin blanc/Viognier blend. This is similar although a little sweeter. When it warmed up a bit it tasted even better.
This part is from my husband-
For anyone who gravitates towards white zin or Pinot Grigio this is a great alternative. It has more flavor than they do. It will go with spicy foods and many other types of food. It is easy drinking wine that can be had by itself.
I agree that it would have been great this summer when it was very hot but there is still some hot weather coming! We will buy this today. Thank you for the opportunity to be a grape debater!!


Very excited when I got the e-mail that I would be debating soon. Opened the package as soon as it arrived. A white wine. A new Woot Cellars white. The Woot whites have been good. This will be fun.
Orange Muscat? Isn’t that used in dessert wines, like Quady. After putting it into the fridge to chill overnight, I did some research. Orange Muscat can be dry or sweet. And yes, Quady makes some great dessert wines with it, so my memory was working.

Opened it up the next evening to have a chicken salad. The wine is very pale in color. Even at just out of fridge temps, there are great aromas on the nose. Clear notes of orange and some tropical fruits. The fruit scents are strong and have me expecting the wine to be a sweet one. (No RS on the label.) First taste, still admittedly too cold, the fruit comes through on the palate. Mostly orange at this point. The finish is nice and crisp. Not sweet. Though the fruity aspects will have you thinking sweet.

After letting the wine warm up, the aromas are more pronounced, but they have not changed. Orange and what the label calls apricot. I think the Viognier accentuates the aromas of the Orange Muscat. This is a great wine to keep your nose near the glass as you sip. At a more reasonable chill, the fruit flavors come through better. And they stick in the finish, a little less crisp. The pairing was a greek salad, which did not do well with the fruitiness of the wine. A chicken dish, rather than the salad, would have been better. Though this would be a great aperitif or after-dinner wine on its own. This is fine with food, but be careful with the pairing.

I gave it two thumbs up, and look forward to ordering some. Woot Cellar wines have always been great QPR wines. SWMBO was more cautious. She enjoyed it, but given the failure of this pairing, she has more concerns on what we can have it with.

Well done, WD. You made another great wine.