Woot Cellars The Pouracle (6)

The language shown under the wine description is what the back label reads. Sorry for the lack of photos, but I have not found a site that works for me.

Mostly Muscat

L & L

Tantalizing Rat Reports say this is crisp and dry.

Must Try!

And it ships to CT.

How does this compare to the Triacipedis? That was one of my favorite whites!


I am a Grape Debater too. My first and when the package came I was excited. The label is great and after an overnight chill n the fridge I popped it lined up with some snacky things to test it.

First impression is of peach, subtle but there. There also is a citrus hint that lasts only for a moment. There is a slight lushness on the tongue, a bit buttery. First I tried it with chorizo and was not a fan. Next I paired it with the saltiness of olives and it was okay. Where it really shined was with Jarlsberg cheese. Really a nice pairing - very enjoyable, although I could see this with a desert course of cheese, since it is a touch sweet. I tend toward dry wines so if you are more a chardonnay fan, this will do well with the main course too. I will check back later should you have questions.

Would love to know how you get that great grape debater banner!

I just can’t resist. The button has been pushed. Crossing my fingers and imagining a cool, late summer evening on the deck sipping some of this. Woot Cellars has never let me down before. Here’s hoping!!! Thanks woot!


Woo-hoo! Long time lurker, first time ratter. My coveted Golden Ticket (and bottle) showed up last week, in time for a holiday weekend.

I knew practically nothing of muscats, orange or otherwise, but soon learned that they are unusual in that the same grape is served on the table. Also that it could be sweet, but could be dry as well. The other varietals suggested that this would be on the dry side; at least I hoped so.

PnP in the evening. Perhaps a pale straw color, but your humble narrator is a bit color blind. No legs at all. A light grassiness and a hint of floral in the nose, and perhaps melon. Initial taste reminded me of a dry Riesling, a bit of sweetness in there well balanced by the acid. Ripe summer fruit notes led to a distinctly refreshing aspect - this looked like it would be an ideal summer afternoon quaff.

Which I did. And it was.

I stretched it out for four days. The floral aspect died out early on, but the last glass that I’m currently sipping on (now yesterday evening) continues to impress.

In for one.

Goes well with Melba toast and Brie, sliced apples, and sunny decks in the mountains.

WD, what’s the story with this wine? How did it come to be a woot cellar. I doubt you’ve been holding it since 2014…

I hit “Reply” to one of the other debaters and found the following:

Copy it into your post, remove the space I inserted in “[img]” and you should have your banner.

Or, a friendly mod could do it for you…

Mea culpa. Returned from one and a half weeks out of the office only to find a golden ticket. Will gather the neighbors and report later, though I doubt I’ll have much to add to the most excellent rattage already available. Thanks to WD for opportunity.

Nice label.

Interesting though that my state banned “InZinerator” for its label which was far more tame than this.

Political shenanigans reap odd results.

Really different blend. I can’t compare the Reisling with Orange Muscat. Both are dry.

I copied it from the prior poster. I think the admins add it in otherwise.


Greetings from L&L land! I see many are interested in the RS for this delicious blend. The Muscat is misleading, it’s much drier than it sounds. The RS measured at 861mg/100ml which makes it 8.6g/L. That’s the dry side of off-dry. We find it lets the flavors and aromas become a bit more apparent. It is wonderfully floral and fruity on the nose but dry on the palate. Enjoy!

Well made. I enjoyed tasting it.

What would you recommend as food pairings? I like the idea of spicy Thai that someone mentioned earlier.

I completely agree it would be great with Thai food, especially lighter meats or seafood. I also think it would be amazing with crab cakes or ceviche.

Nice to see so many notes on this but the question of where these grapes have been for 3 years still nags at me…

In for 1. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it makes it ok. I did not see an option for expedited shipping. I am not supposed to be buying anything… but it is a woot cellars… … Hopefully that will save me :slight_smile:


I had a bit left from the tasting and had it with dinner tonight (ribs). I still get a hint of sweetness, but it went fine with the ribs. I do think it would be excellent with Thai food. Enjoy! It has been a great experience being a grape debater, woot! rules on so many levels.