Woot Cellars The Pouracle (6)

Link to last time:http://wine.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?postid=6922758&ref=cnt_odet_tc_jtd

OK sosptuba, as of this writing (10:30 a.m. Eastern on Monday) you are the sole Wooter to woot, and you tripled up, no less. I gather you like it, you really like it! Care to tell us why?

Honestly…haven’t tried it yet…did get the last shipment in last week but I have NEVER been let down by a woot cellars offering…plus these make great gifts for those who aren’t too picky over what they drink…heck I’m from WI where MGD flows like water =)

I’ll give some try a little later today and report back

I passed first time around too, and need (yeah, right!) to grab some.
Looking forward to your faux rat TN’s.

My lovely bride had 1 last week and enjoyed it. I took a sip and my impression was positive. Its still very fresh, its leans towards off dry and I definitely get the orange muscat in both the nose and taste. Not a re-buy yet but given a month or two we may get more. Better than the standard generic white blends you find at the store at this price point.

I stil don’t like that its a 2013 being released now, it makes me suspect that this was meant for something else and it fell through so woot grabbed it and put a fun label to it.

Hey…Ohio was on the list of states during the offer on Sept 6th that sold out. Why not now???

It was explicitly requested to be removed so they must be renewing or something.

I really like this. not to sweet, was like drinking a fresh apricot with a hint of nectarine. Can’t buy more now… hopefully if it shows up again I will be able to.

Anyone in Tampa want to split?

I got in on the last offering (lucky me, from Ohio and snagged one up!) and my wife opened up the bottle Sunday night. I’m fairly impressed at the complexity for the price. Crisp, a tad dry, with plenty of fruit. All good things. We enjoyed with some havarti cheese. I would buy again, but not until these bottles are gone :slight_smile:

reminds me a lot of Triacipedas.

You had me at Triacip…

Maybe a tiny bit sweeter?

Definitely a blend on the sweeter side. I’d be in for one but I still have 2 bottles left and I am expecting a mixed case from another wine.woot offering, so no room in the cooler…

…or maybe it’s just a unique blend that required some cellar time. I don’t care, I want more. I’m a rich red drinker. I like this because of it’s robust flavors and, even though I don’t know much, I think I’ll like it even more in 2023.

I’d also say it’s sweeter than Triacipedis. It’s been a while, but it reminds me of an orangey and slightly drier French Columbard like Peju’s Carnival or Casa Nuestra’s Late Harvest.

Agree but with orange muscat presence

I think I am going to have to get more… will decide tomorrow… I really shouldn’t… but Just might “have to” :slight_smile: