Woot Cellars The Pouracle (6)

Woot Cellars The Pouracle 6-Pack
Sold by: Lucas and Lewellen Vineyards
2013 Woot Cellars The Pouracle White Wine

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computers hate me. the feeling is mutual sometimes. so i wanted to woot, but first it said i had to link my amazon account to my woot account just to buy wine. i know it’s been a long time, but that’s just annoying as hell. i mean, there might be a reason i wanted to keep the two separate.

fine. i’ll figure out how to unlink them later. link the two. try to buy. now it says i have to have third party cookies turned on. sigh fine. go to preferences, turn on third party cookies. i can turn that off again easily enough when i’m done. refresh. still the same damned thing. turn off privacy badger for this site. now there’s an ad, but i still can’t set my payment options. why the hell can’t i just paypal woot some green and let them ship me some wine? why does life hate me? i think this amount of stress calls for a bottle of wine. oh, wait…

eta: i don’t know what bug is up firefox’s butt, but i guess it’s a good thing i never got around to deleting safari. woot wooted. but also, damn, woot, why do i have to use amazon for my wine woots? eff that ess.

sounds like somebody needs a hug

You’ll really be peeved when you taste the Pouracle. Worst woot wine I’ve had. Strong notes of floor cleaner and offensive air freshener.

say what?

I fancy it as a nice cousin to the Triacipedis wines. solid summer sipper and at a better price.

sorry this did not agree with you.

We’ve liked it, have gone through half a case and just took delivery on another 18 bottles.

Disagree, and have purchased more than once. Might yours have been damaged in shipping?

Tasting notes from 9/16/2016


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We enjoyed it, also.

Gave away 2 bottles and both friends asked where they could get more.

please tell them :slight_smile:

?? Really?! I totally disagree. I am on my 2 order. Did you try more than one bottle? I am thinking the bottle you tried was bad.
I am trying to decide if I “need” to order more. :slight_smile:

New blood at work was asking for some wine.
She currently drinks Moscato. Pulled the trigger on this as a split, since I ~absolutely have to have~ a woot wine I don’t currently have, yet…

I bought this last time around and because it didn’t last long, I am assuming I enjoyed it. Wish Woot would have included the Wine Woot T shirt like the previous offering (even if it was an additional $5). I wear mine with pride. Guess I will purchase this anyway because who has the will power to resist a Woot Cellars wine??
Now on a side note, any chance of a Pedroncelli white offering? Pretty please?? Man, those were the good ole days for sure!!! Wish I would have purchased more when I had the opportunity. Needed the crystal ball…

While you’re waiting for a deal to show up here, you should just call Pedroncelli! I believe they continue to offer club pricing to Wooters.

I enjoyed the Triacipedis. I picked up a sixer of Pouracle and have given it a very fair try at 4 of the six bottles. I don’t know what it is about it but my wife agreed. It tasted like chemicals and lemon floor cleaner. Not that I drink floor cleaner, mind you…

Maybe I got a bad half case. Maybe it was damaged in shipping. All I know is I had to pour the rest down the drain.

Appreciate the great suggestion.