Woot Cellars ‘TWAS, A Right Jolly Old Red Wine - 6 Pack

Woot Cellars ‘TWAS, A Right Jolly Old Red Wine - 6 Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
2 Gnu in a Moment
2 Knot a Creature
2 Eye in My Cap
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Took forever to get to the buy page! Okay, three minutes :slight_smile: More gifts for friends!

is it the same wine in three different bottles w/ three different names?

Is there any way we can know how drinkable this is now vs. how long to lay it down?

Yes yes yes! I am so happy to see this here! Thank you woot!

How fitting this is my 100th woot, since I waited too long for yesterdays.

In for 2. Almost clicked in for 3 - surprised we can do that on a Woot! Cellars.

Did other wooters get to try this? Is that where the tasting notes came from?

I’m in for 2 regardless; L&L makes some nice, easy drinking wine.

Well, there is a get-together happening tomorrow that got a present from INTLGerard! Methinks there will be some NoVA/DC’ers posting their thoughts over the weekend.

When you read the description you’ll find the answer in at least 2 places. :wink:

Woot Cellars.

Auto-Buy (especially after wine drinking).

Happy Thanksgiving.

Well, my cellars are overflowing darn you Woot. Never the less I will risk the beat down from my lovely wife and buy a box of these as we have a Christmas party coming up and they will go very nicely with the decor and fun friends we have.

Any chance of rats on this one? It is Friday after all.

I thought yes. I mean, this is from a tried and true winery, and Woot Cellars is generally a great deal, but it would be nice to see some light somewhere.

So far, we have a few stats and tasting notes by C3PO.

Does this wine have an AVA designation? Other than “California”? Is it Santa Barbara?

Wow, that was way too easy to buy… in for 1.

Reminds me, though, that I ought to try another of the Woot Cellars Adequate Gift bottles from last holiday season, which have been lying so peaceably all year long.


I ratted. Will write actual report tomorrow, but it won’t be very exciting: 99% sure I got a turned/corked bottle. Bad smell, flat papery taste, unpleasant finish, bad color. Passed it around at dinner thinking maybe I’d gone mad, but it was unanimous. We went through a half-dozen bottles tonight with as many people, but the 'Twas is still sitting half full on the counter. Which is a shame; woot cellars is generally an auto buy for me, but now I don’t know what to do!

EDIT: Ok, so heres my full labrat report:

Fedex bring the bottle early Wednesday morning; I crack open the package and…

Woot cellars!
Total score.

…Woot cellars made by… Lucas and Lewellen?

Even better.

Needless to say, I was enthusiastic. Either my SO or I has purchased a case of almost every woot cellars wine in the past couple of years, and for the price we’ve yet to be disappointed. We settle for her picking up two of the Corison, and we’ll be in for three 'Twas on Friday. We’re running low on daily drinkers anyway. The bottle, now, seems like a formality: a fun, delicious treat of a formality.

Cut to: Thanksgiving. It was a long, tempting wait. We had the right mind to crack it open Wednesday with the homemade pesto-mushroom pizza we made, but figured we’d be responsible labrats and get tasting notes from our Thanksgiving guests as well.

This was the first bottle we opened, served with cheese appetizers before dinner. I popped the cork, and took a whiff from the bottle, anticipating sweet, sweet vict… uhh, hmm. Maybe I should pour it.

Half the bottle goes to decanter #2, and a little gets soiree’d into a glass. Took a whiff and… well, uh. Yeah. This is going nowhere. A peek at the color under the kitchen lights is a little dark, teetering on brown. Maybe it’s just my eyes. And my nose. Maybe I’m getting that cold everyone in the lab is getting and this is the first sign…

First sip: it’s not just my eyes and nose. The damn thing is flat, no fruit at all, mild tannins, overpowering funk. The finish tastes like my gym bag smells. What did I just eat? Had I munched on something without realizing it? I gobbled up some cheese, grabbed a new glass, and waited to pour from the decanter.

An hour later, the overwhelming funk is gone, and it has settled into a state of soggy, papery mess and everything that implies. The SO takes a sip and passes it on with a face that causes the gentleman she passed it to to immediately pass it again. Around the room it went, and the consensus is the same: we’ve been corked.

I get that it happens, and par for my course: get a free bottle of one of my auto-buy daily drinkers two days ahead of time, right before the holidays… of course its corked.

That said, I’m in for one. Not three, like I’d be had I never gotten this bottle… but we’re still going to give it another go. Worst case scenario is that they’re ok and we just don’t like it, in which case…

…Christmas gifts!


Central Coast, Santa Barbara County

Is there an existing wine from L & L similar to this blend?

Sounds a lot like ALL the Woot Cellars wines I’ve tried. Woot Cellars = auto pass for me.