Woot Cellars Under the Mistletoe Red Blend (5)

Woot Cellars Under the Mistletoe Red Blend 5-Pack
Sold by: Pedroncelli Winery
2015 Woot Cellars Under the Mistletoe Red Blend

This sounds a lot like the friends.red blend. How would you compare the two? Any rats out there?

Or is this more like the other Pedroncelli bottlings?

As if you aren’t going to buy this?

Actually, I’m not a fan of the friends.red. if it’s in that mould i may be able to pass. Or just get a bottle or two for the label.

I never had the friends.red but if its anything like the Q4 holiday red then i would be happy.

In for two, if only to honor WW and recognize, or to celebrate the “end” is near. I am almost tapped out but thanks again to all the staff at Wine.Woot! It took a long time but even wifey enjoys trying all the wines I have purchased here over the last 5 yrs. She might be relieved some because she won’t have to make arrangements to be here to sign for FED-X as often, ha ha. See ya!

In for two. Who knows if we’ll see another Woot Cellars! label. And speaking of that, I know in the past, we’ve asked about preserving some of the fabulous Woot labels (I’ve had almost no luck soaking them off the bottles to save them). WD, isn’t there a way of preserving this artistic legacy for those of us who have collected so many of these wines over the years? Refrigerator magnets? Coasters? Playing cards? Anything? Empty bottles just get dusty and take up too much room. At the moment, I’m sipping Toothsteinn, or is it Toothstejnn? and love the design. Still hoarding a couple of Dontspille Le Black, and missing all (3) Triacipedis incarnations. The few labels that I’ve managed to save are stuck to my wine fridge door, Quaffmor being three-dimensional on inside and outside. I’m sure there are all sorts of licensing limitations, but I’d be thrilled to relive some of these classics by having labels that would stick on that glass door!

Is my mobile just being weird, or is this offer no longer on the front page?

It’s been a very long week…and a very necessary SIWBM.

But of course in for 3 (since it’s Woot Cellars).

Woot Cellars Under the Mistletoe Red Blend (5)
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I’ve been out of the loop for quite some time now but due to the ominous tone of a few posts I can’t help but ask, is wine woot ending?

There are products that are designed to remove and preserve labels by sticking them onto the label and then peeling it off. I’ve never tried them, but I’ve seen them online and at stores like BB&B.

12/31 is the last day wine.woot will exist.

This one’s description is rather similar to the one of the Pedroncelli website for the
Sonoma Classico Red Wine Blend 2015, including most of the tasting notes.

That’s the spirit!

This is all but certain to be the final Woot Cellars ever offered, right?

In for two regardless.

The Friends Red is a different blend according to the Pedroncelli website.

Which makes this rather like The Last Kiss offer from woot Cellars. :frowning:

As a homebrewer of both wine and beer, put empty bottles in a cooler with hot water and a scoop or two of oxyclean. Make sure to fill the bottles up so they sink. Works on about 90% of labels.

I would be surprised if there was another Woot Cellars offering before the end. I have spent over a decade on woot and I think this is it for me as well.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!

I use the “oeno” brand label removing stickers. They work well for bottles in have a connection to. The only drawback is a signed bottle – I have bottles that were signed on the glass itself, so these don’t work there. But for collection of cool labels these stickers are great.

I was late to the woot ballgame so only have Vinitwo, Bonus Level, and Large Bold Text. I envy the cellars full of these unique bottles.