Woot Cellars Wine Charms - Gift Week

Woot Cellars Wine Charms - Gift Week
$14.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 6 Woot Cellars Wine Charms

What about my stemless glasses?

Those are awesome… just not sure about dropping $20 on 6 charms.

About $5 above what I would pay. Just don’t get too much use out of charms.

is this the last day of giftweek?

And MaskedMarvel once again regains the First Sucker lead … 32 - 31 vs. mill

Friggin’ fraggin’ M&M…I thought I had you for once. :tongue: Aw well…in for 3. Let’s hope certain wine.woot relatives aren’t actively perusing gift week or this might not be as a big a surprise as intended. :happy:

Bah, I saw these same charms at Target last week for $4.


Good timing, here. I need some new charms; my other cheapie ones have a tendency to disintegrate after several uses.

Love them. In for 3!

Better deal if you drop $35 on 12. :slight_smile:

In that case you put the charm in the glass!

I’m a bit relieved. A day I don’t buy anything. After the last two days, my wallet is happy to see an entire day I pass.

In just for the memories.

My eight year old can make them for $2.75. If someone gave me a set for Christmas I’d, I’d, well, I’d say “Thank you very much.”

So are these made out of metal or plastic?

I’d be more apt to buy them if they weren’t Woot-branded. Swag should be given away, not sold.

Good idea! I’m going to march right over to the Dell website and demand a free Dell-branded laptop!

…now… where’s that bookmark for the Ferrari website…

Sorry. It’s been a long week and it’s been a giddy Friday so far. Fear the Gid of Corrado.

WD brought these to the socal/vegas tasting. They are surprisingly well made. It’s a typical wine.woot combination of classy and, well, not classy.

In for one.