Woot Cellars

Woot Cellars

Woot Cellars Mix 6
2008 Adequate Gift
2011 Triacipedis the White in the Dominion of the Flower-King
2011 F-Bomb Riesling, Santa Barbara County
2010 Pour Pour Me Fruit Bomber

Woot Cellars Wellington Library D’ONTSPILLE LE BLACK - Vinito del Finito 2-Pack
2009 Woot Cellars D’ONTSPILLE LE BLACK
2010 Woot Cellars Vinito del Finito 375ml

Woot Cellars with 2 Randomly-Selected Mystery Bottles 12-Pack
2008 Adequate Gift
2011 Triacipedis the White in the Dominion of the Flower-King
2010 Pour Pour Me Fruit Bomber
2010 Quaffmor Sauvignon Blanc
2011 Woot Cellars Phat Goose

Woot Cellars 2008 Adequate Gift 4-Pack with 4 Wine Bags
2008 Adequate Gift

Woot Cellars Quaffmor 2010 Sauvignon Blanc 5-Pack
2010 Woot Cellars Quaffmor Sauvignon Blanc

Woot Cellars Triacipedis III and Pour Pour Me Fruit Bomber 6-Pack
2011 Triacipedis the White in the Dominion of the Flower-King
2010 Pour Pour Me Fruit Bomber

2010 Woot Cellars Vinito del Finito! swoon

damnit -

Is there any consensus out there on what the best ever Woot Cellars wine was? I’m curious as the possibilities of the mystery bottles.

Not sure if there is a consensus but my favorite was the D’ontspille.

I would agree that D’ontspille is awesome. For me, the first Monkey Prize was tops…

I was big on Toothy and Boss Monster.

The Triacipedis line has never failed me. Most of my family and good friends are Riesling drinkers and are impressed by them. Always a hit at any holiday table.

The Tri’s are all great. My wife loves the 'Twas. The Albino Rhino was my personal favorite white, and I love the ‘Monster’ red wine in the big bottle. I still have the shirt, and one big bottle left.

Peter Wellington + Sonoma Coast + 2009 CA Pinot Noir sounds like a combination for greatness. Is it worth $50/bottle? I don’t like dessert wines so I’m basically only paying for that.

EDIT: If anyone in SoCal wants to trade their D’ontspille for my Vinito del Finito I’d be down.

I usually buy Woot cellars wines for gifts, but when I got my order of D’ontspille I gave everyone Bully Hill wines instead that year (and I’m not really much of a wine drinker)

F-Bomb is my favorite. I regret giving away that one bottle now.

In fact, I’m sipping a glass as I type this.

Don’t judge me! It’s past my bedtime!

$50 for a bottle of D’Ontspille and Vinito del Finito?

I really enjoyed the Pinot and the lat harvest Zin was fine, but at this price point one can do much better imho.

I’m disappointed that Woot! wines are getting so expensive. I"m still hoarding a half case each of some wines bought for $7/ bottle.

I’m looking for a deal this year, and I haven’t found one. Mostly red wine drinkers in my house, although I really liked the Tri’s that I had.

I think a LOT of shipping cost is tied up in that price - the smaller the shipping package is going to be for wine, the pricier per bottle it gets. Plus you gotta consider that it’s highly likely, with the release of the Phat Goose today, that people have already paid their $5 for the day and are now going to snap up all these other things that have come up.

Shipping has to be paid for SOMEHOW.

Good point regarding the shipping. If I still lived in the midwest, I would be far more interested in an offer like this. However, living in the bay area with lots and lots of wine options has spoiled me.

Big fan of the Vinito del Finito. Still have one bottle left from my 4-pack last year that I keep trying to save. When I saw that there was Woot Cellars Woot!Plus my first thought was “uh oh, looks like I might be buying some late harvest zin…” Fortunately (for my wallet, not my tastebuds) I think I will pass on the mixed two-pack.

This is the wine that truly opened me up to some good dessert wines after being turned off by syrupy ports. This still has a bit of a syrup mouthfeel and is sweet, but I can do two glasses in a night with some good chocolate (or salted chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, mmmm), whereas most dessert wines I am done after just a few sips.

I think it’s that plus the fact that there are so few left of each of these. When we visited Peter on tour he said that he had “a couple cases” of the Don’tspille left.

I’d love to add some more of these to my cellar but at over 2x the original Woot pricing on these wines, I’m going to have to pass. Regretfully.

VERY small quantity left of this offer.