Woot Cellars

expected more from this.

That’s what I figured and despite the mental block that prevents me from going in on it based on previous offers, a strong case can be made for these at the current price.

The VdF is every bit as good as the Harvest Moon LH Zinfandel that was sold on wine.woot for $20. So then you have to ask yourself “is a 2009 Wellington PN worth $30?”. I think the answer to that question would be “yes”, even if the quantity available wasn’t so limited that you could count them on your fingers and toes.

I did pick up a bottle of the Don’tspille on tour and am sitting on 5 of the VdF so even though I’m convinced that these are worth every penny, I’m going to leave them for those less fortunate.

I could really use another case of f-bomb… really really

So, you know what would be really awesomely cool? A Pick n Mix! I really want some F-Bomb and some of the reds, but don’t need any more Tri as I still have some left from the last time it was up. Any chance of some selective box packing for me?!?

Yeah, they managed to package these in such a way that I wont be ordering any. Oh well I guess I’ll keep my money.

totally agree, give me all reds

However did you swing, or I miss, that on the tour…?

I was down to my last bottle of Vinito. Yes, this is a questionable QPR. But, I knows what I like, and can now open my formerly last bottle for wife’s birthday tonight. And, I get to try the D’ontspille. I am happy.

Yeah, two of my favourite Woot Cellars wines, but when I look at what else I can get for that price it doesn’t stack up. Even if I allocate a generous $25 for the VdF, D’Ontspille for $25 doesn’t hit the mark for me. That’s ok, I’ve spent too much money on woot lately anyway.

BOSS MONSTER is my favorite by far. I’ve had them all, except F-bomb. Too bad they don’t have a pack of (just) either of them available.

Well, was looking forward to a woot cellars offering as mentioned the other day; not overwhelmed by the response to Phat Goose, and after reading notes on VDF (1/2 bottle, 375 ml) and D’ Ontspille…meh…ok at the original, what was it $7/bottle?, but at $25/bottle (1/2 bottle)…just picked up Chateauneuf-Du-Pape
Dom. de Saint Paul 2010 (91 Points - Wine Spectator) @ $27 with free shipping (time will tell how good it is), but…
Sorry I waited for Monday.
Echoing the earlier comments…“expected more…”, but IN for the chocolate covered wine grapes x 2 :slight_smile:

When we were in Peter’s tasting room on the newbie tour he mentioned kind of offhandedly that he had a couple cases of the Don’tspille left. I didn’t see anyone else get any so maybe you weren’t the only one who didn’t hear him say it.

Just wish I would have gotten more than 1 at the time as it was only $15 + tax with the rpm tour discount.

I totally missed this as well.

I also didn’t realize the winemakers held on to their Woot Cellars wine. I figured their was a huge cellar under the WCC offices filled with the Woot library wines :slight_smile:

Do you happen to live in the Missouri? I would SOOOOO love some more of the Tricepedis but I am not a red fan at all and can’t justify buying any of the mixed offers because of that.

For those considering the Adequate Gift Wine, I opened my last remaining bottle from the original set, what, 3 years ago now? Here are some notes:

Initially was kind of thin and alcohol-ish. Thankfully that blew off after only a few minutes. Then the true nature of the wine came out. Got into a red/purple fruit core that was ripe but not overly so. That was accompanied with ever-shifting notes of spice and smoke (presumably from the oak). There’s something leathery going on as well. After being open for almost 3 hours now, though, it’s starting to lose it and lose much of the fruit without gaining much to compensate for it. I’d say if you’re thinking about buying this one you will be happy. Just don’t let it sit another 3 years unless you’re prepared to be disappointed.

Thanks for the volunteer rattage. This is the only Woot Cellars wine (currently offered) that I don’t have so I was thinking about it. I’m still undecided but better informed. :slight_smile:

I know you have free shipping today, so if you decided to get this, I would take a bottle or two from you. I was debating more myself since I only have one bottle left. I’m an enabler, but I am also fine if you pass on this.

Sorry, no, I’m in Houston. :frowning:

Well, if you want a restrained version of a Lodi wine, this is good stuff. I can’t handle most of the Lodi overripe alcohol bombs…this is a different beast. It’s significantly better than “merely adequate” but won’t knock your socks off.

I really like a few of these…the others are okay, but not repeat performers in my book. I, too, would’ve loved a “mix 'n match” opportunity to build a case or half-case of what I’d like to restock. Unfortunately, the pairings, groupings, etc are not what I’d like to see, and a “mystery” purchase doesn’t appeal to me at all. The only singles available, Quaffmor and Adequate Gift, are okay, but I’ve still got a case of Quaffmor in the cellar and I was never too fond of Adequate Gift.

Something for Woot to consider…maybe a mix 'n match offer every now and then.