Woot censorship (re. XP vs. Vista)

What’s the deal with Woot admin(s) editing threads to remove messages? In today’s woot thread someone asked a question about XP vs Vista and there were several (considered) replies but some woot admin has erased them all. I understand that it is not relevant to the product but that is how internet forums work, non?

Couldn’t the admin have created a new thread and moved the messages there or at least pointed the users to that thread instead of doing the internet equivalent of showing the middle finger? Is it a good policy to treat customers this way?


The posts have disappeared from the thread. It had five pages of comments at some point and now it has three pages so quite a few posts have been deleted…

because it will turn into a heated discussion.

Vista sucks, it crashes, it has tons of bloatware, and nothing works with it.

Because it didn’t belong in the product thread. It could have easily overtaken then comments on the product.

Those discussions belogn in EBW.

Have you personally run Vista or are you spatting the same spittle everyone else does because its the fun thing to do?

I first loaded Vista well over 2 years ago on my last laptop and have since installed it on several other systems. I had 2 Blue Screens in 2+ years. One of which was because the proc fan died and the system overheated. The second was back in beta when I tried to force the TV tuner on my laptop to load an XP driver since at the time no drivers existed. Beyond any issues related to betaware I’ve not had any issues, even now I’ve only had one issue with the SP1 Beta install I did a month or so ago.

Too many people fear the change of times in technology and software, if most had theur way we’d still be running on a dos based platform. And don’t get me started on my Linux rant.

I’m running vista right now, admittedly I do have bud luck with computers, but I can’t even run office without it crashing. A number of people here have it and like it, but not everyone who dislikes it is some idiot who just hates Microsoft for being a large corporation.

I don’t think anyone can deny that it uses more computing power, and although I understand you get “new and easy to use” features, I just don’t think they are useful.

Well I was one of those responsible for the off-topic stuff getting out of hand, and frankly, I agree with what the woot staff did. The the thread was there to discuss a Streamium device (which some of my posts did), not to discuss the inferiority of Microsoft products. I don’t believe they have an obligation to move messages around. I admin a forum and do move messages around, but woot exists to move merchandise. Other than the on-topic stuff (which no doubt helps sell product), they really don’t need to even give us other off-topic areas, and yet they do.

Damn nice of them, I mean out right generous, given this forum in no way could help their business - they rule…

Ohh I don’t know about it not helping at all. I think I might have gotten bored of woot, if I hadn’t started chatting with the photochoppers, who eventually guided me down here. I still check every night at midnight, because I am hanging out here anyway. Otherwise I probably would have moved on. Sure I don’t buy tons of stuff, but I do occasionally make a purchase I wouldn’t have if there wasn’t a community here to hang with. . . I know there are a lot of empty boxes down here, but it worked on me.

As for Vista vs XP. . . debate away. I am interested. I know Fen’s problems as he has posted them elsewhere. . . what does everyone else have to say. Personally, I am not very excited about Vista, but as I am a government employee eventually I will probably have to use or support it.

I upgraded to Vista when it was released. I have had some problems:

[] Google toolbar updated caused it to freeze (removed)
] Net Framework 1.0 & 1.1 caused it to freeze (removed)
[*] Something else is causing it to freeze but I think I’ve narrowed i down to the Adobe updated. That and Photoshop CS2 which isn’t supported on Vista but I can’t afford to upgrade right now.

When it’s not freezing, I love it. I know to restart everytime I use Photoshop so the freezes have reduced in number.

XP is a fine product and sufficient for most non-advanced and non-enthusiast users. I wouldn’t upgrade until it’s time to buy a new computer. Even then, you may find you have to replace some other peripherals (my scanner & printer weren’t supported by Vista).

sarcasm baby, thanks for making my point.

Not a big fan of Vista; it’s on my laptop. Runs really slow and crashes unpredictably. I haven’t found a particular pattern yet as to why it crashes. I have a free Vista upgrade disc for one of my other computers, but I haven’t bothered to install it. XP is working more or less fine on that machine and I don’t want to mess with it, or have to start replacing peripherals. I have already had problems with my wacom tablet not working with Vista.

I work for a company with 30K+ laptops/desktops over the US and there is no way that we will even think about installing vista at any time in the near future. There are way too many issues with software incompatibilities, lack of driver support for business necessary peripherals, user training problems, and lack of standardization for support.

I have personally experienced many problems with OS stability, hardware and software problems and general suckeness. Some of those are the responsibility of peripheral vendors, some software, some user/business resistance to change, but a chunk also has to fall on the shoulders of MS for releasing a platform that in many ways just didn’t seem ready for prime time.

generally, large companies always take a few years before they upgrade to a new OS.

Without a doubt and for very good reasons. I was just trying to voice my personal experience in addition to my professional findings.

Of course businesses are going to wait a while to upgrade to Vista-they have hundreds, if not thousands of apps and hardware configurations to fully regression test and confirm stability on. Hell, I know of companies that are still in the process of rolling out XP on their 2000 base. Corporate realities are always going to be different than typical end-user requirements, which is what the discussion was initially about (a user stated they were getting a new laptop for personal use and were curious what OS they should order on it).

The funny thing is, you could have read this exact same thread when XP came out, yet now everyone is saying how superior XP is over Vista. Sadly, the same rules apply now as they did then-IF you are using new hardware that is fully supported and IF the software you require for your day-to-day operations has been upgraded by the vendor to work with the new OS, it’s the better choice.

From my experience, Vista is the most stable OS I’ve seen come out of Redmond yet-I haven’t had a single issue that I haven’t been able to directly trace to a third-party problem.

Granted, I’m using high-end equipment in a custom built system and I know better than most how to avoid problems with my computer-I think I’m one of the few people on the planet who had a good experience with Windows ME, because I knew how to maintain my system and avoid many of the pitfalls that vexed so many. But from my experience with the general public, the biggest complaint seems to be “I’m tired of Vista always asking me if I’m sure I want to do something”-a fifteen second configuration change later and they can’t stop gushing about how much they love the new OS.

Sort of defeats the purpose of that who security feature, but that is one solution.

I also feel that once you have your OS configured and stable, that those prompts lessen. I don’t really see that prompt that often any more.

I do get a BS of D whenever my laptop dies or I put it in standby, and I’m too lazy to figure out what exactly causes that. I usually don’t use standby or let my battery die so I don’t see it that often.

And for the record, I do think that Vista is pretty cool.

Are you referring to the “User Account Control” model? It is my understanding that by turning it off, you have basically hobbled a large portion of the security features built into vista.

Any time you increase security (under the currently identified methods) there will always be a trade off between user convenience and security. Once someone identifies a less obtrusive security algorithm, the app’s developer will be in a position to mint their own money. The biggest problem though is that people just don’t care about security. They will (almost) always disable any security features that they find too onerous.

Getting back to the original topic: I am sure that with new hardware and you only use new applications that are supported by vista, your problems will be significantly reduced. Many people just aren’t willing to fork out money for upgrades or new seats of an application whenever they upgrade their OS/computer.

I don’t know a lot about computers, and I don’t really even remember XP coming out, but I have to ask why Vista is better. If vista did something extraordinary, I could overlook the incompatibility and and whatnot, but why should I upgrade? Just because it is new doesn’t make it better, there is no point in jumping through all these IFs if I’m not going to get anything from it.