Woot Consumerus Holiday Red Wine (6) + Bonus

Woot Cellars Consumerus Holiday Red Wine 6-Pack, with 3 Wine.Woot Gift Bags
Sold by: Castoro Cellars
2013 Woot Cellars Consumerus Holiday Red Wine, Paso Robles

Oh boy… any wine budget I was pretending to have just went out the window. You’re killing me, WD.

In for one of these via a wootlegger!

Any info on the blend?

It’s basically all Merlot, per the (tongue in cheek?) note and comments in last year’s thread:


This stuff rocks. I promised myself I’d buy the max if it ever showed up again. Medium bodied. Mild on palate. Fruit and leather. Amazing QPR. Good daily drinker and fun for holiday parties.

In for one of this and a Revelry. No room and no cash, but could this be the last chance to get these? I can’t take that risk.

Last Wooter to Woot: